Huawei Nova 4E Review: Design, Hardware, Features, & More


Huawei mobile phone held a new launch conference for Huawei Nova 4E in Beijing. The fruit is also the first time to get this mobile phone, to talk about the feeling after getting started.

Design & Appearance

Different from Huawei’s Nova 4 perforated screen, Huawei nova 4e uses a 6.15-inch pearl screen. The borders on both sides are very narrow, and the screen ratio is as high as 90.4%. The screen of the mobile phone is certified by Rhine Eye. The 3D Symphony glass body is equipped with a rear fingerprint, and the overall look is not much different from the current “popular” water drop screen mobile phone. However, if you look closely, you can still see the Huawei mobile phone design screen.

At the press conference, Huawei nova 4e launched a total of three colors of garnet blue, pearl white and magic night black. The color of this fruit is the magic night, the 3D illustrate glass body is under different light angles. It is a gradual effect of light and shadow, which is very much in line with the preferences of young people. The light blue metal middle frame has a faint luster under the light and looks full of texture. The middle frame and the cover are tightly fitted, and there is no slight hand feeling on the hand.


In terms of configuration, the Huawei nova 4e is equipped with the Kirin 710 processor, which is Huawei’s first 12nm process chip. It has 2GB+128GB and 6GB+128GB versions, built-in 3340mAh battery; LCD screen resolution is 2312*1080, even in the screen display, it has reached the level of some flagship models, in the daily use process, whether it is browsing page It is still a game, video, and the look and feel of the screen far exceeds the expectations of the end of the machine. Huawei nova 4e front 3200-pixel stereo beauty camera, rear 24MP + 8MP + 2MP three cameras, and support AI super wide-angle camera.

Often, personal subjective judgments do not have a high reference value, or follow the convention: run a minute to let the data speak! After the Antutu test, the total score was 130,933 points. This running level is used daily without any problems. (Note: This running score is only tested after multiple uses, not the new machine just got the test directly. If the error please understand)

Gaming Test

After talking about the phone configuration, let’s talk about the actual game experience. Huawei nova 4e has built-in GPU Turbo2.0 and optimizes the current mainstream games to ensure the game experience to the maximum extent so that you can play the true level of the king level.

When Guo Guojun played the glory of the king, the game’s game frame rate was always maintained at around 60, and the whole game process was very smooth, without any slight stagnation. And because of the high screen ratio of the water drop screen, the game’s field of vision is very open, regardless of whether the enemy comes from the river or the wild area can be found in advance, avoiding in time. Overall, the gaming experience of this phone is still satisfactory.

In terms of heat dissipation, during the daily use of the fruit, there is no obvious fever in the mobile phone. Even when playing games, there is only a slight warmth, far from being hot.


Mentioned taking pictures, this is the highlight of Huawei nova 4e! The front 32MP stereo beauty camera, according to the new generation of three-dimensional beauty algorithm, can distinguish different people to achieve different beauty effects, while retaining the skin details. The phone just got the hand is not warm, it was taken by the fruit chick to take a selfie.

Afterward, Guo Xiaoyan said: This phone selfie effect is really amazing! 32 Megapixels can express facial details more clearly, and the effect of stereo beauty is even better than that of some beauty camera apps. Huawei nova 4e’s rear camera uses 24MP + 8MP + 2 Megapixels three shots, and supports AI super wide-angle camera. This is very rare in the mid-end models, plus the 120-degree super wide-angle lens. This rear camera configuration has already made some flagship models feel ashamed.

Cameras Test

In the case of sufficient daylight, Huawei’s nova 4e is just right in terms of picture resolution, and color reproduction is very close to the real level. Through the proofs, we can see that the details of the picture are very clear, especially the details of the dark parts are close to the real situation, and no obvious smearing is seen. For night scene photography, Huawei’s nova 4e’s handheld super night scene mode can easily cope with the complex shooting environment at night and reduces the impact of jitter on the screen according to a series of algorithms.

Through the proofs, there are no obvious noises and dark spots in the photos, and the overall performance is amazing. About Huawei’s nova 4e’s 120-degree ultra-wide-angle lens, we can clearly see that the super wide-angle shots are wider than the normal pictures, rather than simple stretching, in shooting large scenes or landscapes. Present more things.

Huawei bracelet 3 Pro

At the press conference, Huawei also released a new smart bracelet – Huawei bracelet 3 Pro, this bracelet is equipped with a 0.95-inch AMOLED touch screen. It is reported that this bracelet uses the same AI algorithm TruSeenTM 3.0 heart rate monitoring as Huawei Watch GT, real-time monitoring of heart rate is more accurate, and TruSleepTM2.0 scientific sleep can effectively improve sleep quality. it supports multiple sports modes, and also supports NFC bus, subway card, mobile payment, and reminder.

In addition, the Huawei Children’s Watch 3 series was also displayed at the conference, which can be used to communicate with parents HD video. Alipay’s pocket money function can cultivate children’s financial management concepts from an early age.


The current price of Huawei Nova 4E is: 4GB+128GB for 1999 yuan ($297.76), 6GB+128GB for 2299 yuan ($342.44). On pre-sale at 16:08 on March 14th, it will be officially launched at 10:08 on March 21; Huawei bracelet 3 is priced at 269 yuan ($40.07), Huawei bracelet 3 Pro is priced at 399 yuan ($59.43), Huawei children’s watch 3 is priced at 398 Yuan ($59.28), Huawei Children’s Watch 3 Pro is priced at 988 yuan ($147.17). If you have a big demand for photos and the budget is not enough, this phone is a good choice if you plan to buy a spare machine, occasionally used to take pictures, play games, this phone can also be listed Enter your purchase list.


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