Huawei Nova 5 Pro Review: Premium & Innovative Smartphone of 2019


The Huawei nova series has been popular among young people for its stylish appearance and excellent self-timer effect. As another main model after Huawei P series and Mate series, Huawei officially released Huawei nova5 series on June 21. The Huawei Nova 5 Pro mobile phone in advance, let’s take a look at the specific performance of Huawei’s nova5 Pro mobile phone.

Design & Appearance

Huawei’s nova5 Pro phone uses a 6.39-inch OLED drop screen, and the entire front screen accounts for up to 91%. Huawei nova5 Pro has a screen resolution of 2340×1080 and a pixel density of 403PPI.

In terms of color matching, Huawei’s nova5 series offers four colors of the dim forest, midsummer purple, coral orange, and bright black. The Huawei nova5 Pro mobile phone that IT Home got was a midsummer purple model. The whole mobile phone has a mass of 171 grams and a thickness of only 7.33 mm. It is very light and comfortable in the hand. Huawei’s nova5 Pro phone is equipped with a 32-megapixel camera on the front, which supports the new “Portrait Super Night Self-timer” function.

It is worth noting that the Huawei nova5 series mobile phone used the fingerprint technology inside the optical screen for the first time. The screen fingerprint technology adopted by Huawei nova5 series adopts the 3P ultra wide-angle lens, which effectively increases the unlocking area by 30% and the amount of incoming light by 230%. Time is reduced by 70%. In addition, Huawei’s nova5 series mobile phone screen fingerprint recognition uses a multi-threaded double comparison algorithm, and the unlocking speed is increased by up to 50%.

The back of Huawei’s nova5 Pro phone adopts 3D glare design. We can see that with the lens as the origin, the color of the back of the Huawei nova5 Pro phone is radial, and the purple gradient design is also very transparent. The back of the Huawei nova5 Pro phone is designed with a rear four-camera design. The four cameras are a 48-megapixel HD main camera, a 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, a 2-megapixel macro lens, and a 2-megapixel depth-of-field lens. Huawei’s nova5 Pro phone is located in the lower left corner of the phone. It is Huawei’s iconic English logo.

The nova5 Pro’s entire frame adopts a purple design that is consistent with the whole. The top of the phone is a sub-microphone and a SIM card slot. Here, the Huawei nova5 Pro supports dual cards, and the card slot 2 also supports NM memory cards. On the right side of the Huawei nova5 Pro phone is the volume +/- button and the power button.

The bottom of the Huawei nova5 Pro phone is the main microphone, USB-C interface, and speaker. Here, Huawei nova5 Pro comes standard with a 40W super fast charging head. Huawei nova5 Pro mobile phone accessories are still very powerful, in addition to the phone body, there is a 10V/4A super fast charge charger, as well as 3.5 mm headphones and headphone conversion cable and transparent silicone protective case.

In general, Huawei’s nova5 Pro is very durable. Compared to other mobile phones, the thin and light body does not feel heavy in daily use. Let’s take a look at some of the performance of Huawei’s nova5 Pro mobile phone in daily use.


Huawei’s Nova 5 Pro phone uses the Kirin 980 chip, while Huawei’s nova5 is Huawei’s first mobile phone with the Kirin 810 chip. Both Kirin 980 and Kirin 810 use TSMC’s 7-nanometer process. Kirin 980 is the world’s first mobile SoC chip supporting 2133MHz LPDDR4X. The IT home got the Huawei nova5 Pro with 8GB LPDDR4X memory.

In addition, the Unicorn 810 chip used by Huawei’s nova5 is equipped with Huawei’s self-developed DaVinci computing architecture for the first time. The SoC is based on the new 2xA76+6xA55 architecture and the GPU is the Mali-G52. As a brand for young people, Huawei’s nova5 series won the title of Tyre Five-Star Game Phone. Next, we will look at the performance of Huawei nova5 Pro through several games with high-performance requirements.

The first thing we tested was “QQ Speed”. According to Tencent’s official description, “QQ Speed” can reach 60 frames in high-performance mode. After a game of “QQ Speed”, we saw that Huawei’s nova5 Pro performed smoothly and the hardware performance was fully squeezed. Huawei’s nova5 Pro was stable at 60 frames throughout the game. The process is also very smooth.

As a popular MOBA mobile game in the world, “Glory of the King” has very high requirements on the performance of mobile phone hardware in the high-performance mode. After a whole game of “Glory of the King”, we saw that Huawei’s nova5 Pro mobile phone has officially entered the game. The whole process is stable at 60 frames. Huawei nova5 series mobile phones can always run at a stable frame rate in the above mainstream games, thanks to the upgraded version of GPU Turbo technology, giving players smooth game experience.

In another popular game, “Peace Elite”, we saw Huawei’s nova5 Pro performance is also very good. In the highest special effects that mobile phones can achieve, the Huawei nova5 Pro has a stable frame rate and always stays at 40 frames. After a round of “Peace Elite”, we found that the Huawei nova5 Pro is stable between 37 and 39 degrees, and the whole temperature is acceptable.

Under the blessing of the upgraded GPU Turbo technology, we have seen the game performance of Huawei’s nova5 Pro mobile phone has been enhanced, and this technology has already supported 85 mainstream games worldwide.

In general, Huawei’s nova5 Pro’s overall experience in-game performance is stable and smooth, and the general application scenario will not exceed the demand for system hardware in mobile games. It can be said that Huawei nova5 Pro does perform well in performance.


Huawei nova5 Pro has a lot of upgrades in camera configuration, and the rear 48 million AI four-shot also allows Huawei nova5 Pro to achieve greater improvement in camera capabilities. Among them, the 48 Megapixels ultra clear main camera aperture size is F/1.8, the 16 Megapixels wide-angle lens aperture size is F/2.2, the 2 Megapixel macro lens aperture size is F2.4, the 2 million pixel blur lens aperture is F2.4.

Huawei nova series has been highly praised by users for its excellent self-timer experience. The front camera of Huawei’s nova5 Pro mobile phone has also been greatly improved, reaching 32 million pixels. Next, we will look at the performance of Huawei nova5 Pro in self-timer. Huawei nova5 Pro phone supports AI self-timer. Under the blessing of this mode, the quality of the whole person’s skin has improved a lot. In addition, the facial subject of the character is also very clear.

We can see that the self-timer algorithm of Huawei’s nova5 Pro mobile phone is closer to the most original aesthetic feeling. It does not over-retouch the facial details of the characters like some beauty software, but it is a fine enhancement of the whole character. In addition to AI beauty shoots, Huawei nova5 Pro also supports portrait super night scene selfies. In low light or dark mode, Huawei nova5 Pro can also bring a photo experience of near normal light.

The following test samples were taken in low light conditions. We saw that under the super night scene self-timer, Huawei nova5 Pro can improve the brightness of the entire portrait face, and also capture high-quality self-portrait photos.

Let’s take a look at the macro lens of Huawei’s nova5 Pro. The official recommendation is to shoot at 4 cm. Through the proofs, we can see that under the super macro mode, the front of the flower is sharp and has no obvious smearing. In another sample, we also saw the problem of underexposure, but the subject was clear and there was no smearing.

In the portrait mode of Huawei nova5 Pro, we can see that the isolation between the whole subject and the background is clear. Compared with the normal shooting mode, the portrait mode of the Huawei nova5 Pro phone does a good job in improving the brightness of the face.

Huawei nova5 Pro mobile phone white balance and color rendering performance are good, the picture does not have an excessive color cast, the overall is still very pleasing, the picture details are delicate and sharp.

The super wide-angle lens of Huawei’s nova5 Pro provides better support for landscape shooting. In the real shot, we can see that the super wide-angle mode can easily obtain a wider field of view, especially suitable for shooting buildings and natural scenery. However, Huawei’s nova5 Pro’s super wide-angle lens has a slight distortion problem, and I believe that this problem will be fixed as the system is updated.

Using the normal mode of Huawei nova5 Pro mobile phone to shoot the night scene, we can see that the brighter part of the light is clearer in the distance, but some of the darker parts of the noise problem still exist. In the handheld night scene mode, the Huawei nova5 Pro phone uses the long exposure + multi-frame anti-shake calibration to greatly improve the brightness of the entire night shot, and the noise problem in the dark is also solved. With the AIS anti-shake boost, users can stably output high-quality night shots without having to set up a tripod.

In general, Huawei’s nova5 Pro mobile phone has been further enhanced in its shooting performance. With the front-facing portrait super night scene selfie and rear macro lens and blur lens, Huawei nova5 Pro can basically cope with all life scenes. The shooting needs. This is a good feature for young people.


Huawei’s Nova 5 Pro phone is equipped with EMUI 9.1.1 system, which supports Huawei’s exclusive read-only file system EROSF. This system was first launched on Huawei P30 series. The Huawei nova series also has the opportunity to experience EROFS.

In addition, Huawei nova 5 Pro also supports full-featured NFC, which supports Huawei’s “One Touch” technology, which can quickly connect to MateBook to transmit documents. At the same time, Huawei nova5 Pro mobile phone also supports analog door keys, traffic cards, and other functions.

It is understood that Huawei’s nova5 Pro’s mobile phone key function follows the CCC 1.0 standard of the Association of Cars. This standard saves the key and algorithm logic in the hardware chip and is not accessed and copied by third-party programs. Mobile phone keys are used safely. In addition, Huawei nova5 Pro also supports Huawei’s self-developed Histen 6.0, which supports up to 9.1-channel headphone 3D immersive sound. At the same time, it also supports mobile TV karaoke function.

The EMUI 9.1.1 system installed on Huawei’s nova5 Pro also has a built-in health-use mobile phone function. This function integrates screen usage time statistics, screen time management, sleep time management, remote positioning, etc., and can control the duration, application, and download of the child’s mobile phone. , location sharing and phone traces.

For example, setting the screen usage time, limiting the usage time of a specific application such as a game app, the screen automatically turns gray during sleep time. Remotely locate the children’s location and feel at ease when you arrive at home. Healthy use of the mobile phone function can be used not only for local devices but also for remote control. It can also control the mobile phone without the child, preventing children from indulging in the mobile phone.

The EMUI 9.1.1 system that Huawei nova5 Pro is equipped with is generally very intimate. In addition to normal use, it also takes into account the different needs of various people.


Huawei nova5 Pro uses a 3500mAh battery. At the same time, Huawei nova5 Pro also supports 40W super fast charge. This technology was previously only available in Huawei P series and Mate series. Now Nova series can also experience 40W super fast charge. The previous Nova products are indeed unprecedented.

The measured Huawei nova5 Pro is fully charged in the zero-state state until the phone is fully charged for 56 minutes. Among them, we see that the 40W super fast charge always charges the mobile phone with a linear growth trend before the battery is nearly full. In 30 minutes, Huawei’s nova5 Pro’s 40W super fast charge is full of nearly 80%. This speed is definitely a boon for heavy mobile phone users.

During the test, the phone maintains a 50% brightness and 50% volume throughout the journey. After 2 hours of testing, Huawei’s nova5 Pro performed relatively well, with a final remaining power of 75%, of which the game’s power consumption was the largest, at around 13%. In this way, Huawei’s nova5 Pro is just a day in the daily light use process, and users of medium or heavy mobile phones still need to charge at least once a day. Fortunately, there is a 40W super fast charge blessing.


We saw a lot of Huawei’s high-end products on Huawei Nova 5 Pro, including a better shooting experience, more powerful hardware configuration, and better system functions.

Huawei’s nova5 Pro mobile phone’s sleek glass body design and colorful color matching specifically cater to the needs of young people for mobile phones.

In terms of taking pictures, Huawei’s nova5 Pro’s powerful rear-camera design and front-facing 32-megapixel beauty camera enable many young people to get a great shooting experience. Compared to other beauty products, “Snake Face”, Huawei The nova5 Pro has a beauty optimization that is consistent with normal aesthetics. The 40W super fast charge also solves the problem of young people’s power anxiety.

In general, Huawei’s Nova 5 Pro is clearly a popular opportunity for young people who value their values, especially love to take pictures and love games.

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