Huawei P10 Confirmed Curved Design, Featuring Wireless Charging ?


Previously, it’s said that Huawei P10 uses fingerprint scanner on the front design and dual curved screen, and there are renderings leaked. Right now according to a netizen on Weibo, before the last engineering phone came out, we are not sure whether Huawei P10  will use fingerprint scanner on the front design, but one thing for sure is that it will come with curved screen, if it’s real, then Huawei P10 will become the third smartphone with curved design.



But he has confirmed that Huawei P10 will use curved screen, and it is said Huawei P10 will have dual curved version and it will also use glass fingerprint scanner. So right now we can’t be sure if Huawei P10 use fingerprint sensor on the front or back.

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One thing is to be mentioned that Huawei  engineering phone will use wireless technology, which made him very surprised,but he doesn’t claim which smartphone will use wireless technology, although we can’t guarantee if Huawei P10 will use this function, according to Huawei product line, Huawei Mate 9 has used 28w quick charge, and Huawei Honor Magic will upgrade to 40w quick charge, so if Huawei P10 wants to attract us, the wireless charging on Huawei P10 will be the best highlight without question.


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