Huawei P10 Will Sell at the Highest Price Leaked by Ricciolo in P Series


At MWC 2017, Huawei wll hold the press conference, at this press conference, Huawei Flagship in P series will meet us soon. Previously, we have seen the renderings about Huawei P10, in terms of design, it doesn’t have big difference with Huawei P9. Right now according to news leaker, @Ricciolo on Twitter, he hints that Huawei P10 will sell at very high price.

He claims that just be ready for the most expensive smartphone of Huawei P series at MWC 2017. Obviously, it points out the Huawei P10. In addition, @Ricciolo mentions Porsche to hints that Huawei P10 series should have a special customized version.

Other media guesses that Huawei released Huawei P9 RAM 3GB ROM 32GB version at 599 euros, 4,400 yuan, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB version at 649 euro, 4,700 yuan, and it has Huawei P9 Plus, its RAM 4GB ROM 64GB sells at 749 euros, so it is estimated that Huawei P10 price may sell at 749 euros, 5,516 yuan, if it has special version, the price of Huawei P10 should be higher.

In addition, Huawei Mate 9 standard version sells at 699 euros, 5,100 yuan, if the news is real, Huawei P10 price will be higher than Huawei Mate 9. As for the final price, just see the result of Huawei official.


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