Huawei P11 Concept : 6 Inch 2K Screen + Four Cameras, The Size Of The Higher Value Of The Higher Love


Recently on the network on Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10, Pro broke the news can be described as uproar, but there are microblogging bloggers issued a set of Huawei P11 design, which also attracted a lot of friends to come to the crowd.

From the following P11 renderings, Huawei P11 with a comprehensive screen design. Huawei P11 is said to have adopted a 6-inch screen, the resolution reached the 2K level. Although the P11 retains the upper and lower border part, the screen is relatively high and reached the ratio of 18: 9.

So it can be considered a comprehensive screen design the and the top of the screen and the bottom of the chin are very narrow, compared to P10 first canceled the Home button, the other is the screen ratio With amazing ascension, you can expect a wide range of views to operate, but do not know how the edge of the touch and screen protection done.

From the concept design can be seen, Huawei P11 uses a front dual camera design. Huawei P series has been the main hit Leica dual camera, so Huawei P11 front dual camera is also used Leica dual lens, and allegedly will use the 22MP camera, 4x optical zoom, shooting is very good. And Huawei P11 post-dual Leica camera design, said the rear dual camera with the 34MP camera, 8x optical zoom, support 4K video recording.

And this picture is more noticeable in front of the forehead has a prominent hole, some users guess it is joined the iris recognition function because the screen fingerprint technology is not mature enough to identify the sensitivity to be improved to limit the Etc. So it is possible that the P11 uses an iris recognition or a face-unlocking method.

From the design of the overall style of view, Huawei P11 or the use of all-metal integrated design language, after the Lycra certified dual camera. And in the processor may be equipped with the latest Kirin 970 processor, joined the so-called AI artificial intelligence technology, other fast charges, 8GB running memory, 256GB storage space is also essential.

In addition to the performance is Leica dual camera or strong performance phone. If Huawei P11 really in accordance with the concept of design listed on sale, you will support the purchase of it


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