Huawei P20 Pro Will Push Two New Gradient Color Matching IFA Debut


Huawei officially released a message suggesting that at the IFA2018 conference in Berlin on August 31, two new color versions of the Huawei P20 series will be released.

Once as aurora restores the natural beauty to the beauty, as the beauty of cherry blossoms gently bloom at the fingertips. This time, add new clothes, beautiful debut! August 31, Germany, Berlin, IFA2018# Waiting for a new life!

The picture is the two versions of Huawei’s P20 series of Aurora and Sakura Pink, as well as a picture of a purple butterfly and a picture of a pearl, suggesting that the Huawei P20 series will be available in purple and pearl white.

That they had already seen these two new color combinations in advance, and they still could not provide the corresponding pictures due to confidentiality. I believe that you will also have some understanding of the new color scheme.

The color scheme is inspired by the Northern Lights of the night sky. Compared to the existing aurora color, the new gradient color covers a wider color gamut, starting with black and gradually transitioning to the turquoise color. Contains purple and blue tones.

The second color scheme is inspired by the ocean and its shells and pearls. The main color is white with a hint of yellow and pink, which is very similar to the existing cherry pink gold color. The new color scheme is also a gradient from white to pink, but the gradient is more subtle.

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For these two new color schemes, but they stressed that the new color scheme of looks very amazing and deserves more expectation.

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