Huawei P30 Pro Concept New Phone Exposure, users: Want To Sell Huawei Mate 20


This year Huawei’s Mate 20 flagship series is a big show in the mobile phone industry. It is the first in almost every aspect. The superior camera performance is also famous. Now there is another Huawei new product – Huawei P30 Pro, this Huawei P30 Pro The appearance is very similar to mate 20 Pro, let’s take a look at the conceptual design of this Huawei P30 Pro!

The classic screen design of the mobile phone industry must belong to notch. notch has received many worships since its launch. Now Huawei is no exception, but the difference is that Huawei tries to shorten the bangs as much as possible. This Huawei P30Pro is also to shorten the bangs further. Screen share has been further improved, up to 91.2%,

From the information provided by netizens, this Huawei P30 Pro and Huawei mate20 have many similarities, such as the same screen fingerprint unlocking, 3D face recognition unlocking, the screen is 6.5 inches, the screen frame design is 2.5D arc Shaped glass. The difference is that the screen area is more concise and generous because the home button is removed and the length of the chin is cut off.

Huawei’s mobile phone camera performance has been very strong, this Huawei P30Pro is no exception, using a rear three camera, and the camera is further upgraded, fully turned into a color wide-angle lens, no longer black and white, and also a breakthrough in photographic performance, night scene The shooting performance is further improved, and the pixels are as top-level as the past, with a total of 40MP+20MP+48MP.

Performance, this Huawei P30 Pro also performed well, equipped with Huawei’s latest and most advanced Kirin 980 processor, power upgrade to 4500mAh, can achieve a variety of charging modes, such as wireless + reverse charging, speed charging and so on.

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Xiaomi users feel that it is an upgraded version of Huawei’s Mate 20 series. What do you think of this Huawei P30 Pro? Many netizens said: After reading, I want to sell Huawei Mate 20 in my hand? What do you think?

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