Huawei P50 is about to Launch a Liquid-lens, Millisecond Focus


Now Huawei is getting stronger and stronger in mobile phone photography, but they will come up with even stronger ones, and the next new technology will undoubtedly change and lead the development of the industry.

According to relevant bloggers, the liquid lens will be mass-produced next year, mainly used in the telephoto end, and Huawei will come up with a corresponding product.

Huawei has been exploring liquid lenses for a long time, filing a patent for the invention on December 25, 2019 and announcing it in April this year. It is reported that if the liquid lens mass production commercial next year, Huawei P50 series may be the first. Liquid lens has prominent advantages and fast focusing speed, which can realize millisecond focusing just like human eyes, and the film completion rate is almost 100%.

Liquid lenses may be unfamiliar to you, but the ideal curve of a mirror is a parabola, a parabola with different curvature has different focal lengths. The traditional zoom lens is achieved by adjusting the distance between two lenses with fixed focal length. There are several types of liquid lenses. The one used in mobile phones is a dielectric liquid lens, which use a liquid to focus light and change its shape at different voltages to control the image.

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Huawei’s technology solution can be used to drive the liquid lens of the motor to meet the performance requirements of automatic focus and optical anti-shake performance, while improving the reliability of the motor in the impact, fall and other abnormal operating conditions.


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