Huawei P50 Pro Concept Revealed: 5 Rear Cameras, Kirin 1020


As the successor of Huawei P series mobile phones, Huawei P50 series mobile phones should be said to have attracted more attention from the outside world in terms of mobile phone photography. So, as the new camera king of Huawei mobile phones, what major changes will Huawei P50 Pro have? Let’s take a look at a set of conceptual renderings of Huawei P50Pro produced by foreign media.    Like the standard version of the flagship phone, Huawei P50Pro will continue to adopt the hyperboloid design idea. However, the more novel design is that the front camera part of Huawei P50Pro has been completely canceled, and it is no longer the design idea of ​​punching holes at the bottom of the screen. However, the cancellation of the screen punching design of Huawei P50Pro does not mean that the front camera and face recognition module are gone, but it has become a hidden design scheme under the screen.

The hardware parameters of the screen part of Huawei P50Pro will also increase. For example, the resolution of the screen part will be upgraded to 2K level, and the refresh rate of the screen will also be upgraded to 120 Hz. The display effect is first-rate. However, the design of foreign media in the concept rendering of Huawei P50Pro, especially the design of the front camera and face recognition module hidden under the screen, indicates that Huawei’s design capabilities have reached the peak, and it is very powerful in industrial design capabilities. of.

The body design of Huawei P50Pro should be said to have adopted a brand-new appearance design. Unlike the square lens module used before, Huawei P50Pro has designed a strip lens module in the middle of the body, this long strip lens The module can only accommodate one camera in its width. Moreover, the position of Huawei’s LOGO has also been redesigned, and it is designed in the middle of the fuselage, under the lens module.

There are a total of five cameras designed in the long strip lens module of Huawei P50Pro, three of which are circular lens module designs, and the other two cameras are square telephoto lenses. The four cameras of Huawei P50Pro are close together, and a flash unit is designed between the four cameras and the fifth camera. The design of dual telephoto lenses has not appeared for the first time on Huawei mobile phones, so the appearance on the body of Huawei P50Pro indicates that Huawei P50Pro will be more capable of taking pictures.

Huawei P50Pro will also have changes in the design of the internal hardware parameters of the fuselage. According to the current traditional design ideas, Huawei P50Pro will be consistent with Huawei Mate40 series mobile phones, equipped with a new Kirin 1020 processor. However, there is also news that Huawei’s self-developed chips may not be enough, so the Huawei Mate40 series will be equipped with two processors, and some processors will be equipped with Qualcomm or MediaTek versions, so similar ones may also be used on Huawei P50Pro. policy.

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Do you think the design of Huawei P50 Pro in the concept rendering meets your requirements? If Huawei P50Pro is really on sale according to the design in the concept rendering, will you support it and buy Huawei P50Pro as soon as possible?


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