Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Concept: 2K screen, 108MP Four Cameras, Snapdragon 865+


What everyone is looking forward to most is XIaomi Mi Mix 4. Since the release of Mi MIX3, it has been almost two years, but there is no news of Mi MIX4 for a long time. The arrival of 5G technology has led many consumers to speculate that Mi MIX 4 may be equipped with 5G technology. The recent online exposure also confirmed consumers’ speculation that Xiaomi Mi MIX4 will be a truly comprehensive mobile phone supporting dual-mode 5G technology.

The true full screen of the previous Xiaomi MIX3 series is not a full screen in the true sense but is made possible by the use of a lifting camera. This time, the Xiaomi Mi MIX4 will be equipped with new under-screen camera technology, and it will The frame of the screen is carefully processed, and the screen area will be very wide.

The resolution of the Mi MIX4 screen will be increased to 2K to meet consumers’ requirements for screen quality. Xiaomi MIX4 will also be upgraded in performance. It will use the Snapdragon 865plus processor launched by Qualcomm in the second half of the year, assisted by an efficient eight-core CPU, and add a new image processor technology. In addition, this Snapdragon 865plus may also have a built-in 5G baseband.

Running memory is very important for Android phones. Xiaomi MIX 4 is reported to have a maximum running memory of 16GB, so there is no need to worry about running multiple applications. In addition, in terms of battery life, Mi MIX 4 will also be equipped with a 5000 mAh battery that supports 65W wired fast charging. High-efficiency charging will greatly shorten the charging time.

Then there is the most commonly used photo by users. The Mi MIX 4 exposed this time will use a new matrix four-camera, the main camera is 108 Megapixels, and it also revealed a 20 Megapixel ultra-wide angle that supports 125-degree wide-angle shooting. The rest of The two cameras were not announced.

The Mi MIX series has always been a full-screen series under Xiaomi, and the Mi MIX series has also created a full-screen era, which is of great significance to the mobile phone industry. It’s just that the Xiaomi Mi MIX4 exposed this time has caught up with a good time, with the blessing of 5G technology, all aspects of performance have been improved.

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Although the price of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is not disclosed, the time to market is about mid-September in the second half of the year, so this Mi MIX4 will also be a benchmark for the existence of Huawei Mate40, which is the forced dual flagship that everyone ridicules, then if Mi MIX4 is really on the market, Will everyone chooses to start with a Mi MIX 4? Do you have anything to say about this Xiaomi MIX4?


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