Huawei Patent Reveals a New Solution For Screen-Free Display Design


In order to provide users with minimal frames around the screen, phone manufacturers implement different styles and designs of notches on the screen. Although the cuts allow for greater screen-to-body ratio, fans and users are not overly popular.

Undoubtedly, the era of premium 16: 9 phones with the page ratio is over and manufacturers experiment with pop-up camera design as an alternative to the notch. Such a mechanical slider design raises the issue of endurance, which additionally casts doubt on the longevity of this solution. Huawei is now in the process of preparing a cut-out alternative, which does not include the use of a slider or a pop-up mechanism.

The phone, imagining this patent, has a non-cut-out display, with a small bottom frame and thin side frames. Huawei here includes the ability to implement the set-top frame. The top edge is rounded, while the external curve creates enough space to accommodate the selfie cameras and audio equipment.

Also not to be killed is the 3.5mm jack connector, which can be seen on the lower edge of the device next to the USB port, So many users should be happy. The Huawei design could be implemented in phones from the middle or lower segment if it is commercialized.

Huawei filed this proposal in March last year, published a few days ago. The future will show whether this idea will be transformed into a real device.

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