Huawei Smart Select Desk Lamp 2 Released: 360° Super Wide-Angle Lighting


Huawei Smart Select Desk Lamp 2 will start pre-sale, the original price is 199 yuan, and the pre-sale is only 179 yuan. It has passed the inspection of five authoritative monitoring institutions and has no blue light hazard, no flicker, no radiation, and national AA-level light. Ensure eye safety in all aspects.

According to the national standard requirements for reading and writing desk lamps, the desk lamps are divided into national A-level and national AA-level, and national AA-level is superior to national A-level in terms of lighting range, regional illuminance and uniformity of illuminance.

Huawei Smart Selection Smart Desk Lamp 2 covers a desk with a diameter of up to 1.6 meters, realizing a wide coverage of the entire desk, a wide field of view and no dark areas, and can relieve eye fatigue.

At the same time, Huawei Smart Selection Smart Table Lamp 2 is not only a national AA-level, but the highest central illuminance reaches 4839LUX, and the light is uniform and soft. The color rendering index of the table lamp is Ra>95, which meets the museum-level color rendering index requirements. The ultra-high color reproduction degree helps children improve the color recognition system.

Huawei Smart Selection Smart Desk Lamp 2 has built-in 7 common learning modes, which can be expanded to choose 19 common learning test timing modes, such as 120-minute timing for middle school language test, 140-minute timing for CET-4 and 6-level test, and 226-minute timing for GMAT for studying abroad. You can check the learning record report at any time.

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Huawei Smart Select Desk Lamp 2 supports three-axis adjustment. The upper and lower rotation axis of the lamp panel is 200°, the left and right rotation axis is 180°, and the base rotation axis is 55°. Users can adjust the height and angle as desired. No matter the scene changes, you can always harvest uniform light.


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