Huawei WATCH GT 2 Pro Gets European Certification, and Honor Watch GS Pro


Huawei WATCH GT 2 Pro and Honor Watch GS Pro have now been certified by the Economic Commission for Europe.

The new Huawei Watch GT2 has a new female menstrual cycle management function. When the user enters the menstrual cycle-related information when using it for the first time, he can get related reminders including menstrual period and fertile period on the watch interface. In addition, 301 Hospital’s heart health research has been upgraded, and atrial fibrillation risk prediction has been added. Users with atrial fibrillation history can predict the risk of future atrial fibrillation attacks in real-time and provide early warning.

Huawei Watch GT 2e retains the round dial, adopts the integrated design of the watch body and the bezel, and the multi-row two-color TPU strap is comfortable to wear and conducive to perspiration, suitable for sportswear.

Huawei Watch GT2e is equipped with Kirin A1 ultra-low-power chip. Under typical usage conditions, Huawei Watch GT2e can be used continuously for 2 weeks. Huawei Watch GT2e inherits the original 15 professional modes, and also adds 85 custom sports records, including parkour, hip-hop, skateboarding, rock climbing and other extreme, leisure, fitness, water sports, ball games, ice and snow events, etc. Six types of sports.

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At the same time, Huawei WATCH GT 2 Pro also supports automatic recognition of 6 sports modes, namely outdoor running, outdoor walking, indoor walking, indoor running, elliptical machine, and rowing machine. During exercise, Huawei Watch GT2 supports high and low heart rate reminders, which can automatically record data such as exercise time, calories, heart rate zones, exercise effects, recovery time, etc., and can generate long pictures with one click and share them on social platforms.


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