Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Is Authorized to Patent Related Drones


According to the company’s search app, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. recently, has been publicly authorized to apply for drone-related patents, which is named “UAV Control System and Method”. This patent publication number is CN110737212B, which was filed on July 18, 2018, and published on January 1, 2021.

In detail, the patent abstract shows that this application provides an unmanned aerial vehicle control system and method, which can support the realization of multiple types of tasks and meet the diverse requirements of different users.

Huawei Patent Related Drones

Among them, the task unit obtains the user’s task and splits it into target actions; the first action module sends the information of the target action to the first function module and the first response module.

The sensor unit obtains sensor data corresponding to the target action; the first function module obtains the target action data, and the collaborative computing module determines the data processing method used by the first function module to process the action data according to the data processor capability of the AI ​​chip, which is used for Perform system data processing.

Huawei Patent Related Drones

The first functional module performs calculations based on the action data and data processing methods to obtain the status information and environmental information of the UAV required to execute the target action. The first response module generates control information of the UAV and interaction information with the user according to the status information, environmental information, and target action information.

Well, it is just a detail of the patent so there is no surety whether it will become reality or not. Only time will tell which features the original Huawei drone will have, so let’s wait and watch.

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