Huawei VR 2 Confirms to Release in China on January 25 at 1,999 yuan, $333


Last year on October 20, Huawei Mate 10 series was released in China, and Huawei also brought a new VR device, Huawei VR 2, aiming at the theme that even if you don’t go out, you can still enjoy 3D MAX movies effect, it sells at 1,999 yuan, $333.

Today at CES, Huawei CEO, Yuchengdong announces on January 25, Huawei VR 2 will come with IMX to be released in China. He said Huawei VR 2 will be the first product for IMX movies to watch.As the first IMAX authorized VR/AR IMX company, Huawei will cooperate with IMAX and DTS, creatng IMAX immersion experience based on Huawei AR/VR.

As for specs, Huawei VR 2 will have two 1600*1440 screen, up to 3K screen resolution, which can reduce blurring issue, and shows visual IMAX screen and 3D sound effect. In addition, Huawei VR 2 can also support fast LCD display, its refresh rate is up to 90Hz, which can relieve animation blurring, improve image quality, and reduce dizziness, meanwhile, it can support dynamic rendering technology, making games play more fluent.

In compatibility aspect, Huawei VR 2 supports many devices to connect including Huawei Mate 10, notebook and other devices to connect. In content, Huawei VR 2 can support large quantity of  VR support, its official claims Huawei video is over 20000 hours in its App.

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