Huawei VR Glass Goes On Sale: Two Independent LCD Screens, 3K Resolution 2799 Yuan


Huawei VR Glass was officially sold for 2799 yuan. Huawei VR Glass uses two independent 2.1-inch Fast LCD displays with a resolution of 3200 × 1600, a PPI of 1058, and low latency. The official claims that it can effectively improve the smear of the picture, greatly reducing the sense of grain and haze, with a 3D immersive picture, with a 90-degree field of view, you can enjoy the immersive sense of IMAX at home.

And it uses a semi-open dual speaker design, the sound field is wide, the sound is clear and full of layering. At the same time equipped with a dual Smart PA smart amplifier chip, the dynamic range of music output has been greatly improved, louder volume, louder and more powerful bass, and fuller sound quality.

In addition, it uses an ultra-short focus optical module to achieve a body thickness of only about 26.6mm (weight is only 166g). The lightweight body design is more suitable for wearing and suitable for long-term use.

It supports the independent adjustment of monocular myopia within 700 degrees. With VR Glass, both eyes can be clearly seen, which is suitable for most people.

More importantly, when VR Glass is connected to a computer or mobile phone, the mobile phone and computer can actively supply power to the glasses through the cable. The VR mobile phone connection cable reserves a Type-C interface and uses 5V / 2A and above chargers or mobile power for the mobile phone. Powered at the same time as VR Glass, there is no need to worry about power issues for long periods of use.

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In terms of content, Huawei VR Glass has a unique Huawei VR video platform, including IMAX blockbusters, popular TV series, cartoons, etc., with a total length of more than 30,000 hours. At the same time, it introduces excellent platform resources including iQiyi, VeeR, GVR, etc., and can enjoy private theater at home.

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