Huawei WATCH 3 Review: Flagship Watch That You Need in 2021


Huawei watches also have the WATCH series-as early as 2017, Huawei WATCH 2 was launched, with the built-in Wear OS operating system, and the main focus on independent communication (eSIM card) and health management. However, for most consumers, this watch is too advanced. Subsequently, Huawei launched the GT series, which was a great success.

However, there are still a considerable number of friends looking forward to a smart wrist terminal for independent calls and application installation. Always remember, there will be reverberations. No, there is also Huawei WATCH 3 series (3 46mm/3 Pro 48mm) released together with Harmony OS 2.0. The long-before-updated Huawei WATCH series comes with a halo: HarmonyOS, independent communication, body temperature detection, intelligent interconnection, and so on. The editorial department of “Listen to Phone Yin” got Huawei WATCH 3 for the first time to share with you the hands-on experience of this annual flagship of Huawei smartwatch.

Design & Appearance

Get started with new products, first-hand appearance: The appearance of the Huawei WATCH 3 series continues the family’s consistent trendy fashion style. We started with Huawei WATCH 3, equipped with a dial with a diameter of 46mm, which is connected to the edge of the watch body through a large-curvature 3D glass. Both the visual effect and the touch feel are quite comfortable and full of quality.

On the back of the watch, the well-received ceramic back cover is used. Compared with before, the ceramic back cover does not cause skin allergies, and it is more skin-friendly and comfortable to wear on the hands. At the same time, Huawei’s WATCH 3 sensor has added new types, which can realize body temperature detection. This will be detailed in the “Health Management” section below.

As for the strap, Huawei WATCH 3 provides a quick-release button, which is convenient for the wearer to change the wristband style in time. The strap in the picture is a leather strap, which is made of European high-grade first-layer calfskin; in addition, straps made of fluoroelastomer and nylon braid are available for replacement.

In the above aspects, the appearance of Huawei WATCH 3 has not changed much. The biggest change is the buttons on the right side of the watch body (respectively: 3D rotating crown and multi-function down buttons). It can be seen from the picture that the crown is engraved with fine lines, and the new interaction of Harmony OS can be realized by rotating the crown. Let’s take a look at the new HarmonyOS interactive experience with the biggest changes in Huawei WATCH 3:

Press the 3D rotating crown, and the display of all functions will appear on the Huawei WATCH 3 screen. When I experienced the product of Huawei WATCH GT 2 Pro, I felt that the functions of Huawei watches were too powerful, and it was troublesome to find some non-important functions. The 3D rotating crown can greatly save the cost of entry. By rotating the crown, you can zoom in and out of icons, and slide your finger to adjust the window page, which is not too convenient. Here is an additional sentence: When the 3D rotating crown rotates on other pages, it will also perform the function of the page up and down.

As for the interface changes brought by HarmonyOS, a negative screen has been added to the left interface of Huawei WATCH 3, covering multiple functions such as audio control, service center, and background program operation. Other pages, such as the heart rate, pressure, sleep on the right; and the controls and message reminders on the upper and lower menu bars, remain the same. Below, let’s subdivide the functional modules, specific detailed experience, and understanding.

Play more carefully

For smartwatches, there is such a point of view on the Internet: those who cannot make independent calls and install APP independently are all large bracelets. Although I don’t agree with this view, Huawei WATCH 3 is coming with an independent communication function!

Through the eSIM management in the sports and health APP, you can open the first dual terminal for the paired Huawei WATCH 3, that is: the watch and the mobile phone share the same number, even if there is no mobile phone, the watch can be used to answer the call (support external playback, or connect to the headset to answer ); It is particularly emphasized that Huawei WATCH 3 also supports the call forwarding of the smooth connection, which can cast the video from the watch to the smart screen. In addition, Huawei WATCH 3 also supports cellular data and Wi-Fi connection, just like a “wrist phone”.

In addition, Huawei WATCH 3 has a built-in application market, and you can download the APP according to your needs. In addition, Huawei WATCH 3 also has a series of functions such as voice interaction, input method tools, NFC access card, Alipay/Huawei Pay financial payment, independent music storage, and playback, and so on. It is no exaggeration to say that Huawei WATCH 3 is to shrink the smartphone functions into a table, the function is so powerful that people “do not know what to do.”

Huawei WATCH 3 is more than just a concentrated mobile phone? After all, a smartphone cannot be attached to your body for 24 hours, but WATCH 3 can. With powerful sensor modules, Huawei WATCH 3 can detect a considerable number of physical health indicators. As mentioned above: What is the effect of the new temperature sensor in Huawei WATCH 3? Let’s quickly look at the new features.

It can be seen that WATCH 3 can detect the body surface temperature (skin temperature of 33.7 degrees) and estimate the body temperature from this. Nowadays, people pay more attention to their health, and body temperature has become an important health monitoring indicator. The new body temperature detection in Huawei WATCH 3 is indeed quite practical.

In addition, WATCH 3 continues the family’s consistent health management. In terms of algorithms, Huawei WATCH 3 upgraded its self-developed TruSeen™ 4.5 heart rate monitoring technology to achieve 24-hour heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, and continuous blood oxygen saturation monitoring throughout the day. The above functions are all basic operations, so I will briefly introduce them here. Interested friends can refer to our previous evaluation article on Huawei wearable devices, which is very detailed.

What I want to talk about here is the heart health research and sleep apnea research of Huawei WATCH 3. Based on the HUAWEI Research innovative research platform and Huawei WATCH 3, 301 Hospital initiated the heart health research and sleep apnea research. The former can finely identify arrhythmia, provide atrial fibrillation and premature beat screening, atrial fibrillation risk prediction, personalized guidance, and appointments, And integrated management services; in addition to screening the risk of sleep apnea, the latter will also provide professional advice in hierarchical levels. In addition, Huawei WATCH 3 will also add functions such as minimally invasive blood glucose detection (additional purchase of a matching blood glucose meter), fall detection SOS, and 20-second hand washing.

Here I also suggest: friends who have the conditions, may as well buy WATCH 3 as a wrist health steward for the elderly at home. If there is an emergency, you can call the emergency contact through the watch as soon as possible and send real-time location information. Add a layer of protection.

Battery life and sports

Huawei WATCH 3, which can make calls, Wi-Fi, and health monitoring, will naturally cause battery life concerns. I believe my friends will be curious: Can WATCH 3 carry it? The answer is: unexpected.

According to a week’s actual measurement: WATCH 3 has a battery life of about 1.5 days under the condition of full effect (with various tests). The official claims that the typical use can be up to 3 days. It should be because of our high test intensity and the fact that the watch version is not an informal version. I believe that the follow-up voyage of the upgrade will be better.

In addition, if you are also a user who pays attention to battery life, WATCH 3 also provides an ultra-long battery life mode. After turning it on, some functions will be turned off, and the battery life can be greatly improved. The official announcement: Up to 14 days in long battery life mode, we will verify this again in subsequent tests. Here’s one thing to add: Huawei WATCH 3 is charged through a wireless base, and it also supports reverse charging of mobile phones for emergency purposes.

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In addition, WATCH 3 still continues the smart monitoring function of all-weather activities. WATCH 3 retains functions such as traditional step counting, intelligent activation of sports modes, 100 types of sports, and precise positioning. Since it is also a project that has been tested before, interested friends remember to look through the previous evaluation of “Let’s Listen to Phone Chan”.

I can also be regarded as an old user of Huawei’s wearable product series. Every time I evaluate a new product, I will look at the functions of Huawei bracelets/watches a little bit more perfect and enriched. In particular, the return of Huawei’s WATCH series, on the one hand, continues the technical accumulation of the wearable family (such as health management, long battery life, etc.), on the other hand, it also condenses the power of Huawei’s terminal (HarmonyOS brings interaction and experience). upgrade).

When WATCH 3 appeared, my first reaction was “too powerful.” Whether it is convenient to use that independent communication brings (not only eSIM, but also Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Huawei Share, etc.), or health monitoring, it refreshes my understanding of smartwatches——Huawei WATCH 3. It is not only a concentrated mobile phone but also a highly integrated health housekeeper.

With such a high level of integration, the various functions of Huawei WATCH 3 have also undergone destructuring and reorganization, resulting in tremendous chemical reactions. For example, I can control Huawei Mate40 to play music with Huawei Sound through Huawei WATCH 3. The distributed capability of HarmonyOS broadens the boundary of the watch. Another example: Huawei WATCH 3’s new body temperature/blood glucose monitoring can be used during exercise to better calculate body consumption; at the same time, the communication function can also provide a channel for help when encountering special situations, which is necessary and necessary. However, will the overly powerful functions be recognized by the times? It also depends on market performance.

With the deepening of development, it is believed that the various functions of Huawei WATCH 3 will become closer, and a new ecology belonging to HarmonyOS and Huawei will be created between the watch and other devices. At the moment when everything is connected, Huawei WATCH 3, supported by HarmonyOS, may cast an ecological moat for Huawei’s wearable family and even the entire smart life strategy of the entire scene.

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