Huawei WATCH FIT Review: Sports Healthy Life, Portable Fitness Instructor


Huawei released a new smart sports health watch——Huawei WATCH FIT series. Although it follows the same route as the Huawei Watch GT series in terms of function and experience, the former adopts a square shape in design, which is also Huawei. The first square-shaped light smart sports watch, mainly for young people, women, and energy light fitness enthusiasts, mainly for a lightweight body and wrist exercise personal training.

In late March of this year, the Huawei WATCH FIT elegant model was officially launched at a price of 999 yuan. Compared with the “vitality model” released at the end of last year, the Huawei WATCH FIT elegant model is mainly upgraded in terms of color, material, and wristband length. In keeping with the Huawei WATCH FIT vitality model, the Huawei WATCH FIT elegant model has brought two new color schemes: Frost White and Magic Night Black. IT House got the Frost White version. Now it is simple to share with you. Let’s take a look at how this product works.


The Huawei WATCH FIT elegant model uses a precision-forged stainless steel body, and the mirror polishing process makes it more quality. This is also the biggest difference from the Huawei WATCH FIT vigorous model (the latter’s middle frame is made of reinforced polymer fiber).

In terms of look and feel, stainless steel has a more high-end texture. In addition, the buckle of the Huawei WATCH FIT elegant model also uses the same color of stainless steel as the middle frame.

In terms of straps, Huawei’s WATCH FIT elegant model has been upgraded to a soft and skin-friendly fluororubber strap, which feels more comfortable. Compared with traditional rubber straps, the former has stronger water repellency.

In terms of detailed design, Huawei WATCH FIT elegant model has only one physical button on the right side of the middle frame. The front uses a 1.64-inch square screen covered with 2.5D curved glass. The resolution is 280*456, 326ppi, and the screen-to-body ratio reaches 70. %.

In terms of product size, Huawei WATCH FIT elegant watch body has measurements of 46mm×30mm×10.7mm (10.7mm is the thinnest part height, excluding the sensor area), and the dial width is set at 30mm. The curved palm is not ok. A good balance between the wearing experience and the display effect.

In terms of weight, the Huawei WATCH FIT elegant model weighs only 27g without the strap. While retaining most of the functions of the Huawei Watch GT series, the weight is much lighter.

The dial is the soul of a smartwatch. Huawei’s WATCH FIT elegant model has built-in more than ten different styles of local dials. Of course, there are hundreds of free and paid third-party dials for you to choose from, including the recent hot ones. “Spaceman” series dials, etc., everything, in addition, you can also upload your own pictures to the watch through the App as a dial.

Huawei WATCH FIT’s elegant model supports the NFC function, so it also supports the “one-touch transfer dial” function. Huawei mobile phone photos are transferred to the watch with one touch, and the large square screen perfectly retains the photo content. This functional IT house has been demonstrated many times before, so I won’t go into details here.

Huawei WATCH FIT has built-in independent GPS to support independent movement after leaving the phone. In terms of search speed, in an open outdoor scene, the search and positioning can be completed in about 20-30 seconds.

Huawei WATCH FIT has 96 sports modes, supports 11 professional sports modes (running, walking, cycling, swimming, elliptical machine, rowing machine) and 85 free sports modes, including fitness, dance, ball, and water sports, Ice and snow events, extreme sports, etc., the mainstream common sports are basically included.

Huawei WATCH FIT supports independent recording of basic data such as running distance, time, pace, trajectory, and calories burned. At the same time, combined with the exercise state recognition algorithm, it can actively identify your exercise state. This is in the previous Huawei watch evaluation. I have also experienced it in detail, so I won’t repeat it here.

Because it is equipped with a square display screen, this screen can display more complete content. With this advantage, Huawei WATCH FIT has built-in 12 animated fitness courses, including 44 standardized fitness exercises, suitable for office and home scenes.

In the past, we had to do fitness exercises. Many times we needed to use large-screen devices such as TVs, mobile phones, tablets, etc. to learn while doing it. It is difficult to use the fragmented time to start scientific fitness anytime and anywhere. Huawei puts this fitness content on Huawei WATCH FIT. Inside, you only need to find these courses in the “exercise-fitness course” option of the watch, and then follow the action points demonstrated by the fitness animation on the watch to exercise.

During the exercise, the watch will record your heart rate, and will also remind you of the exercise norms through vibration. It is especially suitable for office workers who don’t have much time to exercise in the gym but want to maintain a good figure.


Huawei WATCH FIT is equipped with TruSeen™ 4.0 heart rate monitoring technology, TruSleep™ 2.0 technology, and TruRelax™ pressure management technology to help users monitor heart rate, pressure, and sleep quality in real-time. It also supports all-weather blood oxygen saturation monitoring, women’s menstrual cycle management, and at the same time. Fibrillation & premature beat screening, sleep apnea monitoring function.

Taking heart rate monitoring as an example, Huawei WATCH FIT can measure the user’s heart rate 24 hours a day and give a heart rate curve. At the same time, it can also intelligently adjust the heart rate monitoring frequency according to the activity state and give a reminder of high/low resting heart rate. . When you have palpitations, fatigue, palpitation, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and other symptoms, you can also take an active measurement immediately to identify health risks in time.

In terms of heart health, Huawei WATCH FIT also supports the heart health research program jointly carried out by Huawei and a team of professional doctors from China 301 Hospital, including arrhythmia detection and atrial fibrillation risk prediction.

During the wearing process, Huawei WATCH FIT will actively monitor your heart rate. The longer the wearing time, the more measurements and the more accurate the recording will be. You can also follow the heart health of your relatives and friends in the App, and seek medical attention if any abnormalities are found.

This function is very important if there are elderly people at home or people who are often alcoholic or engaged in hard work. Wear them every day to record their physical condition, detect and treat them in time, and have a better understanding of their bodies, so that they can prevent problems before they happen.

Huawei WATCH FIT also supports sleep apnea monitoring. WATCH FIT will record the user’s sleep status every night. You can check your sleep and breathing quality in the Heart Health Research App, and determine whether your body is at risk based on the number of apneas. .

The most typical symptom of sleep apnea is snoring, especially for patients who are older, who suffer from respiratory inflammation, and who smoke and drink for a long time. This function is very important. Huawei WATCH FIT can let you know your own better. Physical condition, if any problems are found, actively carry out prevention and treatment. It should be noted that the Heart Health Research Program currently only supports Huawei mobile devices.

HUAWEI WATCH FIT elegant version also supports NFC, music playback (control earphones), voice assistant, remote camera, and other functions, full battery life can be up to 10 days, So I won’t explain more in this article.

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HUAWEI WATCH FIT is a smartwatch with precise positioning and long battery life, sports health. It is more suitable for user groups who have a high demand for sports health monitoring and product design while pursuing a sense of wearing a bracelet.

If you are a Huawei mobile phone user, or if your parents use Huawei mobile phones and want to buy a smart wearable device, I can say very responsibly that Huawei smart wearable devices are the most suitable choice for you. There is no one, heart health. The support of the research plan gives Huawei smart wearable devices an absolute overwhelming advantage in the field of health monitoring.

If you want to choose a product that is more suitable for you from Huawei smart wearable products, it depends on your needs. Compared with the Huawei Watch GT series, Huawei WATCH FIT elegant model is lighter and thinner, and the design is also personalized. At the same time, it also has animation fitness courses. Therefore, for those who are pursuing wearing feel and appearance design, Huawei WATCH FIT elegant model will become your good choice.


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