HUAWEI WATCH GT Review: 15 Days Battery Life, Outdoor Sports Essential Smartwatch


The smart wear industry has frequently shuffled in recent years. As early as a few years ago, we saw the originator of smartwatches and the former giant Pebble being sold off. The core assets (software, technology, developers) are sold, and the hardware in the development is completely discarded. Unfortunately, pioneers such as Jawbone and Fitbit are also bleak.

It is worth noting that IDC data shows that Huawei ranked third with 5.7 million in the Q4 quarter of 2018, with an annual growth rate of 248.5%. This growth rate has set a new record in the smart wearable market. Not long ago, He Gang, president of Huawei’s terminal mobile phone product line, also announced that the global sales of HUAWEI WATCH GT smart watches exceeded one million, creating the fastest million-dollar record for Huawei to wear more than one thousand yuan.

At the Huawei P30 domestic conference on April 11, Huawei brought two new HUAWEI WATCH GT series products, the Vibrant and the elegant models. In addition to the design style and dial size of different elements, in terms of functions, the new product has added the triathlon (swim, riding, running) recording function, further enriching the original powerful sports monitoring function.

After getting millions of sales, these two new products as a fresh supplement to the HUAWEI WATCH GT series and a new market segment pathfinder, can continue the previous explosions?

Now we have got the fashion and colorful vitality, and then the detailed evaluation.

Design & Appearance

First of all, look at the HUAWEI WATCH GT dynamic packaging box, consistently simple and generous, black small square box, with gold printing, environmentally friendly ink. Even if the product positioning expands to the sports wind, the packaging still retains a strong and steady business style. 

Remove the cover and light the first eye before the screen. It looks like the HUAWEI WATCH GT is closer to a business-full watch. It is worth mentioning that the two buttons of the watch are all designed to be mechanical knobs, making it difficult to connect them with smartwatches. Sure enough, at a closer look, it still feels that its overall style is based on the aesthetics of traditional watch design, full round dial, bezel, crown, and lugs. These elements are classic heritage, very refined, majestic, high-order The temperament comes straight.

This is a ceramic bezel that is made through 3D ceramic preparation and finishing techniques. We learned from Huawei that this ceramic bezel requires 23 processes and 12 days of long-term polishing. It is no wonder that the bezel is so lubricated and even has a jade texture. The appearance of staying in the appearance of the face value is very superficial. Behind the high face value, this ceramic bezel also comes with 6 times the strong hardness of stainless steel. In the daily violence of the author, it has not been found to have been scratched. mark.

The body of the HUAWEI WATCH GT is made of stainless steel. It is austenitic stainless steel 316L. It can be seen that it has traces of polishing and fine drawing. It is certain that this watch belongs to the home. The smartwatch category, but in terms of appearance, it is no worse than the traditional classic mechanical and quartz watches, and the same quality and taste pursuit. Looking at the wristband, this is the soul of the positioning of the vitality. This light orange is full of power and vitality, and the sporty wearable products do not have a sense of restraint. Its material is fluororubber, its texture is comfortable and skin-friendly. In addition, the fluororubber strap is also waterproof and resistant to dirt and feels good.

The dynamic watch in our hands is equipped with a 1.39-inch AMOLED high-definition color screen. The resolution has reached the 454*454 retina standard. Through the screen details shot under our strong light, you can feel the full-color and fine high-quality display effect. Compared with the LCD material screen used in many similar positioning watches, especially the semi-transparent reflective color screen that the author hates. Huawei’s watch is self-illuminating with A-screen, large viewing angle, bright color and reaction speed. Fast, high contrast features are more pleasing.

The author uses the sporty character here. The weight of 46 grams is very light. The back of the wristband also has an anti-slip area. With the standard Baby Skin touch, you can still sleep comfortably even when you sleep. The body is about 10.6 mm thick and very thin. From this point of view, we can also see that the upper part of the metal shell cut surface, polishing is extremely refined and quality. The edge of the back cover of the fuselage is rounded and angular, and the all-weather wrist optical heart rate sensor can be seen in the middle. The HUAWEI WATCH GT is not a traditional plug-and-charge charging device. Instead, it uses a magnetic thimble charger to make the connection between the device and the charging device reliable and reliable.


It makes four high-frequency functions into four menu homepages. It is very convenient to see the weather, heart rate, pressure, payment, and other related information by sliding gently. In addition, Huawei has a variety of different dial themes to choose from, with different styles.

Swipe down from the main page to see a shortcut menu where you can turn on Do Not Disturb mode, screen lock, find phone or bright mode.

Operational logic

The operation logic of HUAWEI WATCH GT is the most intuitive feeling. It is simple and simple. You only need to use the right double button + screen touch. You don’t need to memorize and carry too much fancy interaction logic to get started. I can play after I try it.

Common function

In detail, in the non-sport mode, press the up button to enter the common function, press the down button to enter the sport mode.

Sport mode

After entering the sport mode, the up button is the start pause, and the down button is the page flip. For those who have already used the multi-button smart wear product before, this use logic may need to adapt, but now almost everyone is For a heavy user of a smartphone, for us, sliding touch screen operation is a real 0 learning cost.

Daily Experience

As we said before, press the up button and you will see many common functions attached to the watch.

Here, you can view sports records, training status, current/current heart rate, sleep, stress, breathing, etc., which are related to health status. Of course, there are functions such as altitude, weather, direction, information, payment, timing, etc.

I have not seen any flash or small light bulb in the body, so what is the function of the flashlight as shown?

I went in and saw that the screen turned into a white background and rose to the maximum brightness. I realized that this can really be used for emergency purposes in a dull, low-light environment. It is a sweet little egg.

Here, I would like to like the payment function of HUAWEI WATCH GT. It does not require many of the watch/bangle products that we have seen before. It needs to be bound with various third-party payment to achieve direct binding to almost everyone. Alipay can implement payment functions.

After opening the Huawei Sports Health App associated with Alipay, you can also present the payment code to shop without a network.

The HUAWEI WATCH GT Vibrant model also supports the NFC bus card function. The city that can use the NFC payment for the watch is synchronized with the Huawei mobile phone. In addition, this function needs to be bound to the Huawei mobile phone with NFC function.

Fourth, sports experience: three major satellite positioning sports monitoring comprehensive and professional


The three satellite positioning functions are one of the highlights of the HUAWEI WATCH GT. At present, there are four major positioning systems in the world: Beidou, Galileo, GLONASS, GPS. Since Beidou and Galileo are applicable to China and Europe respectively, the three satellite positioning systems of the HUAWEI WATCH GT are extremely Beidou+GLONASS+. GPS solution.

Next, enter the outdoor walking mode, the search star is very fast, on the occasion of the author’s frequent activities, basically the second positioning. In order to make a comparison reference, another mobile phone is carried along with the track record.

Taking our measured roadmap as an example, the HUAWEI WATCH GT shows that the author has been walking along both sides of the road. The trajectory recorded by the mobile phone shifted the author’s route to the interior of the building.

After the author personally experienced it, we believe that the HUAWEI WATCH GT vitality model based on the three satellite positioning, coupled with an accurate trajectory optimization algorithm, can indeed achieve one-to-one trajectory optimization of complex scenes, not a gimmick, and its effect is obvious for Outdoor sports are very practical.


As we mentioned above, press the down button, like most sports watches, the common sports mode, HUAWEI WATCH GT dynamic models, including indoor and outdoor walking, running, cycling, hiking, cross-country, swimming and Free training, in addition to the current sports mode also contains some simple training programs, suitable for entry users who just did not know how to play.

The watch supports omnidirectional motion data tracking such as time, distance, heart rate, stride frequency, number of steps, and aerobic/anaerobic training effects.

However, due to many factors such as time, weather and venue, it is regrettable that I can’t carry out cross-country running, cycling, swimming, especially triathlon testing. Here is a brief introduction.

In the outdoor/indoor running scene, the HUAWEI WATCH GT watch will provide real-time guidance on training courses, real-time motion feedback, and exercise performance evaluation. In outdoor riding scenes, the watch will provide professional data for cycling enthusiasts such as distance, trajectory, speed, heart rate, calories, altitude, cumulative climb, and decent distance.

It is worth mentioning that the swimming pool/open water swimming scene, the watch will provide swimming and open water swimming function, support automatic recognition of swimming posture, automatic recognition of the number of strokes, SWOLF swimming efficiency index is automatically measured. It also supports statistics on distance, trajectory, time, calories, stroke frequency, and pace.

The watch comes with 5ATM waterproof and can withstand up to 50 meters of static water depth for up to 10 minutes.

The newly added triathlon model refers to its support for the complete recording of swimming, cycling, running and other types of sports and training, including change records, sports type switching. The individual recorded data for the three sports of swimming, cycling, and running are consistent with the data types of each of the above-mentioned sports, and provide overall data analysis after exercise.

Here I focus on simple simulation tests for walking and climbing. With the Huawei Sports Health App, you can even overlay data icons such as heart rate, altitude, and pace. Because the location of the author is so flat that there is no small earthbag, here is the step of climbing the stairs to test the climbing. Before preparing for “climbing”, the author checked the equipment provided by the watch and found that the barometers and compasses necessary for outdoor sports were well prepared.


Later, during the author’s sweating climb, the watch also supports data such as 3D distance/height/elevation/climbing/heart rate, which is a very professional and comprehensive record.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Among the HUAWEI WATCH GT vitality models, the most interesting is its self-developed TruSeen heart rate monitoring technology, which is also the core cornerstone of this exercise in sports health functions. In terms of hardware, it carefully optimizes the design features to separate the PPG solution, focusing on low power consumption and high signal to noise ratio. In terms of algorithms, it was implemented by Huawei 2012 Labs in conjunction with the Russian Institute.

TruSeenTM 3.0 heart rate monitoring allows for monitoring in different modes such as exercise heart rate and resting heart rate. Under the exercise heart rate, as we said before, it is a preset running course, you do not need to define your own heart rate interval, you can directly select the corresponding template to start running.

In the resting heart rate mode, as long as you keep wearing the watch, the watch will automatically record the user’s resting heart rate without any settings or custom adjustments.

The HUAWEI WATCH GT Vibrant models support dynamic 24-hour continuous heart rate measurement. In the actual experience process, the author found that the single-measurement heart rate value is faster than the various types of equipment tested before, and also has the functions of heart rate increase reminder, continuous pressure monitoring and early warning, and medium and high exercise volume evaluation.


When we first saw the HUAWEI WATCH GT named by the car GT series, we had a secret insight into the meaning of “a long-term, high-speed driving high-performance sports car.” It can be seen that Huawei is fully confident in the performance of the watch on its battery life. The author’s daily use is more tossed, 24 hours without leaving, and heart rate is always open, scientific sleep and other functions have not been idle.

Every week, I will take the time to drive the GPS for more than an hour. The main reason for the message notification is that there are many short messages. There are about 50 to 60 times a day. There are very few calls. Three-alarm clock reminders each day are getting up, going to work, reminding me, getting off work. Open the reminder, because the author has turned on the wrist and bright screen, there are no doubt that the watch shines hundreds of times every day.

In such heavy use, the battery of the watch has been fully supported for two weeks, showing its amazing battery life. In addition, if it is not like the author’s so-called mild users, unhappy rate monitoring and scientific sleep, it should be no problem to use the last month, the major power consumers are mainly GPS modules and scientific sleep.

The battery capacity information is currently unknown, but it can be judged by its body measurements and other modules under the plug, the battery capacity is unlikely to be much more than the same type of watch. The reason for achieving such excellent battery life is mainly related to the power saving algorithm:

Through the power-saving algorithm, it can identify and classify scenes such as daily life and outdoor sports, and then change the power consumption mode to reasonably utilize the energy provided by the battery cells.

In addition, Huawei officially said that this watch uses a dual-engine architecture: low-speed engine power consumption is only 1/6 of that of similar products; high-speed engine: can meet AMOLED high-definition color display. It guarantees high-performance operation while controlling energy consumption.

Verdict & Buy

In fact, for smartwatches, it is not difficult to pursue long-term battery life alone. The real difficulty and pain point is to meet the premise of professional functions, such as continuous monitoring of 24-hour heart rate, daily activity detection, scientific sleep monitoring, message reminders, and other complex needs, still, maintain long battery life.

Through our test experience, we found that the HUAWEI WATCH GT smartwatch did, and did a good job – the author can achieve up to 2 weeks of battery life in the typical use scenario immersed in the test, very valuable, expected Mild people can even feel the thrill of not charging for 30 days. It meets the needs of long battery life and provides a variety of sports modes and training systems. The most innovative ones are triathlons. We have introduced them in detail in the article and have done a simple test on some sports scenes. Effectively meet the professional needs of sports scenes.

Of course, the watch offline scan code payment bus card, smart message reminder, and even the small egg-shaped flashlight have been carefully designed to provide a certain degree of convenience and help in both sports scenes and daily wear. The more obvious feature of this table is the lightness. I have worn a heavy cross-country watch, and I have also learned many mechanical watches. I often practice the Kirin arm because of its “tonnage”. Whether it is a personal perspective or a lot of sports enthusiasts, I still want to be light and light, small and small. The HUAWEI WATCH GT’s 10.6mm thickness and 40g weight are believed to satisfy most athletes who are afraid of weight.

In general, the HUAWEI WATCH GT is a very good product. Rich functions, light body size, majestic appearance, and specifications give high-quality choices to many people in the modern city who love sports and like cutting-edge digital. HUAWEI WATCH GT is now avaialble on Geekbuying with coupon code:  3VVAJSKH  at $154.99.


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