Huawei Will Show on MWC: How In 5 Minutes to Charge the Battery By 48%


Huawei on its official YouTube channel published a teaser of its new fast-charging technology. According to the video, for 5 minutes a special battery produced by Huawei can be charged at 48%. True, this is not done directly through the phone, but by connecting the battery to a third-party and rather massive charging station.

All manipulations with the battery start at about the 50th second. It is noticeable that the battery has many more connectors than in modern mass consumer options. In addition, removable batteries have long gone into history. And it is unlikely that they will make a comeback in the foreseeable future.

Huawei engineers have changed the molecular structure of the anode material for the battery. This made it possible to achieve high charging efficiency without shortening battery life. Technology is planned to be used in smartphones, laptops and electric vehicles.

According to reports, the technology developed by Huawei Watt Laboratory, through the change of the molecular structure of the anode material to achieve fast charge of technological innovation. The new negative material has the physical/chemical dual lithium storage function, you can quickly charge, without affecting the battery life, can be widely used in mobile phones, mobile power, computers, electric cars and other fields.

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Attentive readers could notice that the original video with the battery was demonstrated by Huawei two years ago. Why does the company refresh the old video with a new marketing hull? Perhaps on the eve of the Mobile World Congress industrial exhibition in Barcelona in February this year, Huawei can demonstrate a breakthrough in this technology.

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