Huawei Zhixuan Launches a New Generation of Intelligent Desk Lamp at 119 yuan,$25


Huawei Zhixuan and Dalen jointly create a new generation of products: Huawei Zhixuan Dalen intelligent desk lamp 3i.

Compared with previous products, light quality has been upgraded from national A to national AA standard, and wisdom interaction has been upgraded from HUAWEI HiLink to HarmonyOS Connect, a double upgrade of light quality and wisdom interaction.

Darren intelligent desk lamp 3i compared with the previous generation of products in the light quality has been comprehensively improved. The number of lamp beads increased from 48 to 76 high-quality lamp beads, so that the uniformity of illumination reached the national AA level standard, easily illuminate 1.2m desk, color index up to 95, professional deployment of vitality color temperature, more suitable for reading and writing, long-term use, long time look not tired eyes.

50,000 hours long life lamp beads, according to the official said, according to the use of 12 hours a day, a lamp can achieve 10 years of companionship.

Darren intelligent desk lamp 3i adds the “touch” function to quickly pull out the control card, realizing the convenient control of reading and writing, screen reading, pole-less dimming and other modes. At the same time, you can also say to Huawei Xiaoyi voice assistant: “brighten the table lamp a little”, “set the table lamp to read and write mode”. Intelligent control of table lamp can be realized through card and voice.

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It also uses an independent three-dimensional night light design, and sets the sleep time on the control card of the mobile phone. The night light is lit separately, and the weak warm yellow light is soft and not dazzling. It is convenient and intimate to get up at night, and does not disturb sleep.

It is priced at 129 yuan, with a special price of 119 yuan for a limited time, $25.


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