Huawei’s Mid-Range Processor Kirin 710 Compared to Snapdragon 710 – Which Is Stronger


Huawei produces its own processors. Although it had been a while since new models arrived, but the firm now renews its mid-range and creates a new family of processors. It comes with the first model called Kirin 710, which seems a clear nod to Snapdragon 710. Both of them are mid-range processors. Of course, we have to compare them today.

First of all, the basic parameters of the processor are as follows. First, the 12nm process adopted by Kirin 710 is slightly inferior to the 10nm of the Snapdragon 710, but it is better than the Snapdragon 660. The CPU is the same as the 8 core. The Kirin adopts the 4-core A73 + quad-core A53 with Up to 2.2GHz, this architecture is very common, its performance is not bad, and the Snapdragon 710 uses the same kryo360 as the Snapdragon 800 series, which is based on the A75 depth customization, from the parameters in the CPU part of the Snapdragon 710 Win!

On the GPU side, although Huawei did not elaborate, it can be seen from the PPT that the Kirin 710 uses the Mali-G51 GPU. The core aspect is temporarily unclear, but the GPU is the only MP6, although it is significantly higher than the Kirin 659. However, this GPU is still not very strong, its positioning is low-end, and the G51 pays more attention to energy consumption performance than the Mali-G71! There is a clear gap with the Adreno 616 of the Snapdragon 710, which means that it is more difficult in terms of game performance! But then the users of nova3i are seldom used to play games!

Although the GPU performance has a shortboard, but the GPU Turbo technology is added, the game will be improved, but it is estimated that the upgrade on the mid-range processor will not be obvious. The specific effect will have to wait until the later verification. In general, the GPU is on the Snapdragon 710 is still better!

After reading the Kirin 710, it seems that the gap with the SD 710 is not small, but the Kirin 710 is independent of DSP + ISP. There is still an advantage in AI. The basic difference between the two processors in normal use will not be too big, but the game will see the gap, the current performance of the Kirin 710 and the Snapdragon 660 should be similar, wait until the shelves and benchmarking points to verify it!

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