Huawei’s New Smartwatch Is Certified In China, It Could Be Watch 3 or GT 2


Last year, the Huawei was launched a Smartwatch “Huawei Watch GT” which has improved the experience of the smartwatch with 2-week battery life, but unfortunately, it runs Huawei’s self-developed Lite OS instead of the universal Android Wear, so it cannot be installed third-party usage.

A few days ago we have several wearable messages by Huawei in the Bluetooth SIG reports and now we do not have an entry. This time it’s about the model number “LTN-B19” and thus another candidate.

The model has now been certified in China as a smartwatch and currently, it is still unclear what this is. However, this model complements the current portfolio (CSN-BX9, CSN-AL00, CSN-AL01, and ALX-AL10) and one entry.

Huawei has planned a wearable offensive for the Christmas business in 2019 and the question arises, what we will see everything. It would be possible to have a smartwatch with Wear OS again, so to speak a Huawei Watch 3.

Although Huawei has focused on its own OS for watches in recent months, it has never been ruled out. But by the name, I would rather tap on a Huawei Watch GT 2 because the Huawei Watch GT Classic has the designation “FTN-B19”.

Since “LTN-B19” and “FTN-B19” are very similar, I would rather assume a new version with the own OS of Huawei, which you will probably show together with the Huawei Mate 30 Pro in the fall.

But a total of 5 models are in favor of the fact that Huawei could once again bring a real smartwatch with an OS on the market, which can do more (say, Wear OS). Let’s see what we will see from Huawei in the next few weeks ( HDC 2019, IFA 2019, Mate Event 2019).

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