Hubsan H109S X4 Pro on Flash Sale At Insane Price


We are here with a new gadget for you, that stands out properly in this awful crowd. Today we have a great deal on a very unique RC Quadcopter in “this week’s drone picks “ the new Hubsan H109S X4 Pro EU and UK versions plus a Standard Version and an Advance Version at

The drones are the top notch offering of the Hubsan and have a magnificent design to look, the drone comes in a nice yellow and black combination and looks appealing, also the colors help it stand out even from a distance. The drone has a nice matte finish and smooth curves all around its body and pretty big rotor blades for some nice propulsion. Overall we have a pretty symmetric and well finished device with some of the best in class aero dynamics for smooth motion at high speeds.

The Hubsan H109S X4 Pro is being offered in two versions, the Standard Edition and the Advance Edition. Both of the drones have similar specs but have some equipment differences, which we discuss below. First the similar specs. the drones have 2212 1000KV brushless motor and 30A ESC,you have a 2.4Ghz transmission and 5.8Ghz FPV. The drone has a massive 1500m radius of reliable 5.8G FPV video transmission distance, clear and easy to view. It has GPS and 6 axis Gyro sensor. The drone has some great features like it has a hovering accuracy of just 0.5m vertically and 2.5m horizontally. It has a maximum angular speed at pitch axis of 300°/s and at course axis of 150°/s, further a maximum pitch angle of 38°, maximum flight speed of a whopping 36km/h and lastly the maximum rise/fall speed of 3m/s.

Further the drone is powered by  an 11.1V 7000mAh 25C LiPo battery with XT60 plug, and gives you a maximum flight time of about 25min. The drones come with a Full HD 1080p shooting camera by Hubsan and has a Gimbal. The camera can shoot FPV videos at 1080p 30fps and Photos at 4032 x 3024. The drone has a remote which has a 4.3″ screen resolution and offers spacious, extensive control over your drone. Now the difference between the standard and the advance version is that the Standard version comes with a Single Axis Gimbal and the Advance Version comes with a 3 – axis Gimbal offering you more movement and freedom to rotate your camera and use all the angles available. It comes with features like a parachute that can be attached separately that will deploy in the advent of an accident or a collision. Further we have the standard features like Automatic take off, landing and return home .

Both the versions are on flashsale at :

  1.  You can get the Standard Version here for just $275.
  2.  And the Advance Version here for just $559.



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  1. Duane Biddle on

    Hello, I was wondering if the Hubsan H109s standard version is still being sold on a flash sale price of $275.00..
    If so can you let me know I am looking for one at a good price. And seeyou haveing a flash sale on this model I want for $270.00..

    Thanks Duane.

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