Hubsan H501S X4 Limited 200pc Flash Sale at Tomtop with Coupon!


When it comes to rc drones then which better brand you can think of rather than Hubsan. The brand churns out quadcopters that are stylish, unique and powerful. They have made their expression by releasing one after another famous rc drones in the market. Today we have a Flash Sale of Limited 200pc of Hubsan X4 H501S Rc Drones. We have US, EU and UK versions with White and Black choices also there are two versions of the rc drone a basic one and an advance one.

The Hubsan H501S looks like a real life helicopter with its astute design and curves with LEDs at the right place. The quadcopter is definitely a looker and can turn around heads. It is definitely an attention capturer when flying on the streets. The drone has a unique stylish combination of black/white and gold colours.The central body looks like as if its a cockpit and a tiny alien is comfortably sitting inside there. The HD camera is placed at the chin of the cockpit.

The drone has Brushless Motors with self tightening propellers in it so the take off and landing is smooth. The drobne has a built-in Gyro: 6 Axis Gyro to be exact which lets it perform tasks like returning home, making revolutions around you. The Drone comes with a built in camera that can record upto 1080p Full HD videos and is capable of FPV shooting, The Transmission Distance is upto 300m and the control distance is about 300m-800m . The device is powered by a humongous 7.4V 2700mAh 10C li-po battery giving you a Flying Time of about 20mins and the Charging Time of about 120 mins.

Basic Version

The basic version comes with a 4Ch controller that has a more basic control. It has less amount of controls at your disposal comparing to the advance one. It has a 4.3″ screen in the center for FPV, with Rudder and Throttle control over the left and Aileron/Elevator Controls on the right. You also get micro sd card slot, micro usb slot on the right, while on the right you have a video glass socket and GPS SW.

Advance Version

In the advance version of the controller you get a more detailed layout of controls and it is more sophisticated. It has 2.4Ghz and 5.8GHz antennas. Further you have the exit, enter, up and down buttons. There is 3.7″ screen on the controller. Again you have the Throttle/Rudder on the left and the Aileron/Elevator on the right.

So to some it up there are 4 versions in total and you can order all them over here:

Basic Version

  1. The basic version with US plug here 200 pc flash sale.
  2. The basic version with EU plug here with $20 off coupon code: LJUHBSDC

Advanced Version:

  1. The Advanced version with US plug here 200 pc flash sale
  2. The Advanced version with EU plug here with $36 off coupon code : HQBSDCX

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