Hubsan X4 Desire H502E 720P Camera RC Quadcopter Design, Features Review


The new Hubsan H502E is the latest X4 Quadcopter and features a built-in 720P HD camera, return to home mode, built in GPS, altitude adjust and a headless flight mode to make the quad even easier to fly.


The Hubsan X4 Desire features a sleek, modern design and robust construction, making it a great blow. At the ends of the arms, there are clearly visible LED lights, so that the drone remains well visible in the evenings. The Quadrocopter Hubsan X4 DESIRE GPS – perfect design for peer-free aerial photography.


The Hubsan X4 DESIRE comes complete with a 2.4 GHz remote control and a 720p HD camera. The pictures or videos can easily be triggered by the transmitter. Extremely easy to fly – simply release the joystick and the X4 floats automatically at the specified height thanks to the barometer. The four high-performance engines in combination with the 2S battery ensure a quiet, extra-strong flight and approximately 12 minutes of flight time. All important parameters such as direction and number of GPS satellites are displayed live on the transmitter display. Different-color LED’s on the engine booms ensure effective lighting and easy flight attitude control. Of course, all GPS add-ons like Position Hold.


The Hubsan X4 H502E is an affordable and quality drone with GPS, HD camera, and some unique flying modes. Hubsan is a very big name in the drone industry, and again makes the H502E a great drone on the market. This quadcopter is delivered ready to fly, so you can get started with breathtaking images right away. It’s available on RCMOMENT at $68.79 using $7.2 off coupon code: H502E


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