Hubsan Zino Mini SE Review – 6KM RC Drone with 4K Camera at $479.99 From Geekbuying


Surprisingly, a new version of the Zino Mini has appeared on the Hubsan website; it is the Zino Mini SE, a model that already in the name immediately declares its intention to compete precisely with the DJI MINI SE. The latest Mini drone on the market with the most advanced techniques is the Hubsan Zino Mini SE. As technology advanced, this small Hubsan drone could become a very large drone.


As you can imagine, this Zino Mini SE less performing light version of the Zino Mini PRO, but which, without exceeding the 250-gram weight ceiling and maintaining the same dimensions, also reserves some interesting surprises in some sectors. The control range of this model is 6 kilometers! The radio equipment works well, without failures and interference. And even if the signal is lost, you do not need to worry about the fate of your drone – it will automatically return to the starting point. You can also return it yourself by pressing one button. In addition, an automatic start is provided. When starting a flight, you can set the drone as you like, the built-in Headless Mode function will independently orient the drone relative to the position of the control panel.

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The Zino Mini SE , apart from the white color, is visually identical to the Mini Pro with the same dimensions and take-off weight. However, the SE has a claimed flight time of 45 minutes compared to the Pro’s 40 minutes . This is due to the SE’s 3000mAh battery versus the Mini Pro’s 2400mAh battery. ‘SE, managing to keep the weight below 250 grams, was made possible by the savings obtained from the absence of the obstacle avoidance sensors that are instead present on the Pro. Another important difference between the two concerns the camera sensor. On Zino Mini SE is a CMOS sensor 1 / 2.6 ” 12MP, much smaller than the CMOS sensor 1 / 1.3 ” from 48MP that equips Zino Mini Pro. Even the FOV is different, l ‘ SE has an 80 ° FOV while the Pro has an 84 ° FOV therefore more wide angle.


The Hubsan Zino Mini SE is a new high-quality model from an even more affordable price segment Hubsan. The quadcopter has a foldable design that makes it convenient and compact for storage and transportation. The 4K camera on a 3-axis gyro gimbal allows you to achieve smooth and clear images, and the flight range is 6 km. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $479.99 in Flash Sale.


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