HZKD H9 SKYHUNTER with Wifi FPV 720P Camera RC Drone Quadcopter Design, Features Reviiew (Coupon Inside)


Unknown quadcopter drone brands have just launched the new innovative foldable drone of the week which goes by the name of HZKD H9 SKYHUNTER. The pocket-friendly drone comes with FPV and some other neat feature, let’s learn more about it!


The HZKD H9 SKYHUNTER Foldable Drone Has compact and foldable design makes it easy to fit in a pocket or a bag and transport anywhere. And the 720p HD camera allows you to captures aerial photo shots and video footages. Just connect your drone to a Wifi connection to your mobile devices and control it with simple control on the screen of mobile devices. HZKD H9 SKYHUNTER Foldable Drone has measure (folded): 120 * 95 * 55mm and (unfolded): 300 * 300 * 80mm. Thanks to the folding propeller arms, the transport is simple, light and space-saving. This drone is controlled by an included remote control. But you can also control it with your own smartphone. This is possible with the virtual flying sticks and even with tilting and tilting movements of the smartphone. While still on the topic of body design this quadcopter does feature a removable battery so you can purchase spares to have extra flight time. The camera on this quadcopter is mounted to the front of the quadcopter, streams video over WiFi FPV, and features a manually adjustable camera angle. The HZKD H9 SKYHUNTER Foldable Drone itself weighs only 124g. Different colored LEDs show the pilot always the current flight direction and allow flights at dusk or night.


HZKD H9 SKYHUNTER Foldable Drone On board is a 2.0MP 720P camera including FPV function. The camera is still enough to take first aerial photos and get to know the world of camera drones. You can take photos and record videos. The FPV function (First Person View) allows the pilot to fly the drone from a cockpit perspective. The camera’s live images are sent to the pilot’s smartphone using WIFI. The matching app is available for free on iOS and Android smartphones. Your own smartphone can be mounted on the included remote control. So you always see what the drone sees and can control the drone in a special way.

In addition to the foldable propeller arms, the camera, and FPV function, the HZKD H9 SKYHUNTER Foldable Drone offers further great features. Thanks to the built-in barometer and sensors, the quadcopter can maintain its altitude and position as soon as you do not issue any control commands. In addition to a slow and fast flight mode, there is also a headless flight mode. This is ideal for beginners, as they do not have to pay attention to the current flight orientation in this mode. At the press of a button, the HZKD H9 SKYHUNTER Foldable Drone can return to the starting point and perform cool 360 ° flips. A 6-axis gyro provides the necessary stability in the air. The 3.7V 650mAh lipo battery ensures a flight time of about 7 minutes. If you like the drone, you should buy some spare batteries to be able to fly long before the batteries have to be recharged for 90 minutes.


The radio range is about 120 meters, with the range with FPV transmission may be slightly lower. The scope of delivery is usually generously designed and as soon as the battery is charged, the fun can begin. This HZKD H9 SKYHUNTER Foldable Drone offers an attractive price-performance ratio and is ideally suited to get to know the world of multicopter. you can Buy HZKD H9 SKYHUNTER Foldable Drone from TOMTOP at $46.99 if you use $3 coupon: HTY3HD


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