IDEAFLY Poseidon-480 IP67 Fishing Drone design, features, review (with coupon)


Took 2 years of designing and debugging the last product from Ideafly: Poseidon-480 is coming,it’s not just the best overall offering,it’s also the most cost-effective drone you will met. Look for this two features, Water Proof and Big Payload, and you’ll amazed.


Ideafly past from one prototype from another prototype till left I+D with the one Poseidon carries, a Quadcopter made from ABS injected plastic with a special design to make it rigid and able to carry a load. Also, sports a dome made from clear plastic, inside of it the gimbal and the servo can be found.

Depend which option you get, you can receive a box made from cardboard or a professional carrying case made of aluminium, inside is the Poseidon, 5.6ghz FSi6s remote control with a monitor stand, a set of four carbon fiber propelers and the same for the landing gear. Two antennas, for recievier and the quadcopter. Two configs, the one with the dome and another with the servo for load. A 4500mAh (25min of flight) battery and a bag with a set of screws and cables.


The IdeaFly Poseidon 480 Waterproof Quadcopter is specially designed for Marine operation. This new waterproof unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was born to solve the security problems that conventional aerial drones are unable to solve. This Quadcopter has a smaller size, is more powerful , easier to operate and is combined with the most advanced craft technology. It meets the demands of various special aerial gimbal stabilization technology.

This uses a GPS signal and can also handle Level 5 winds. You can keep it hovering over a spot you are trying to review for minutes at a time. It helps you analyze how the waters are moving and if there are any trends in how fast the fish are moving or if there are plenty of them in a spot. It is equipped with DJI NAZA-M-V2 flight controller with GPS system which features great reliability, and one-key return function and 5.8G 600mW long range image transmission provide more secured flight.

All Poseidon-480 models come with waterproof gimbal. Make sure the model you choose is designed with such a feature so it can keep on working properly.


Ideafly conceived the Poseidon thinking in professional fishing so you can track a shoal using a sonar, since it withstand being soaked in water for more than 10 hours, drop a bait to attract a bigger fish or take eagle eye shots to check if your prey is near with Real-time FPV within 800m range. This drone can do almost anything, taking advantage from its features; TapFly, Waypoints, One Key Takeoff / Landing / Return (provided by DJI LK24-BT 2.4GHz Bluetooth Datalink).

Intended for fishing, the Poseidon can do other activities than fishing, maybe its 720p camera included doesn’t fit the professional video/photo shooting needs, sure it can do fulfill other activities like work as a leverage in case of natural disasters, its 1200grm payload can help people in some way and the water proof seal could manage to deal with this maneuvers even in the rain.


The Idealfly Poseidon is one of the firsts drone with IP67 certification that hits the civil market, sure i was made for fishing or using near water, but also can meets another activities requirements. Today you can have with a discount usign the promotion code FLY480, son you only have to pay $699.99 USD to add it to your fishing gear.


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  1. I am in Cancun Mexico currently fishing with a waterproof drone and one that is not waterproof. Testing
    these drones for our fishing club in New Jersey. Returning home on March 14th and at that time I am looking
    forward to purchasing several more drones for comparison. I am seriously interested in the Poseidon 480
    if the price is the same in March. Not happy with present drones, if the Poseidon performs as advertised, i our
    club will probably be interested in purchasing several more for out members. Need to know price of extra
    batteries, if available.
    Sincerely Edward Rone

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