IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro Review: GPS Positioning Fishing Drone with 1080P Camera For Just $899.99 at TOMTOP (+Coupon)


The IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro waterproof fishing Drone With 1080P Camera & 1.5kg Bait release with NAZA-M-V2 & GPS is an affordable fishing drone that ticks all the boxes. The IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro Drone is Simple to use with a user-friendly control system able to land, float and take off in the water with one-button takeoff and one-click landing by remote control, The IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro drone is tuff from head to toe Fly the Bait Out Reel The Fish In Its That Simple.

Buy IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro Fishing Drone from TOMTOP


IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro is a professional fish drone with an IP67 waterproof rating and a payload of 1.5kg. IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro fishing Drone is specially designed for marine operations and similar industries in need of a waterproof unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). This drone reaches 3 hours of float level and 6 class of windproof. goes where other conventional drones cannot. Additionally, IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro was designed to be smaller and lighter without compromising flying power. With its integrated gimbal and camera, IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro is an important aerial photography tool for marine, as well as film and television applications. Here is a waterproof quadcopter that can take off and land on water. The IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro is IP68 rated and can fly for up to 25 minutes. It comes with a Flysky I6S remote control and A professional high standard aircraft combines stable hovering in the sky and accurate throwing bait to fish. Built-in high bright LED light make night flight much safer and more convenient.


IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro waterproof fishing Drone equipped with a NAZA-M-V2 flight controller with a GPS system that offers great reliability and a key return function and long-distance transmission of 2.4055-2.475GHZ ensure a safer flight. GPS positioning system makes sure the safety of the fishing drone, you will be known the accurate position of your drone anytime. The throwing system is a separate module, can be quickly installed and removed, with a waterproof camera. It can be used to carry fishing lines at long distance and can place the bait at the target location for precise delivery. Ideafly conceived the Poseidon thinking in professional fishing so you can track a shoal using a sonar, since it withstands being soaked in water for more than 10 hours, drop a bait to attract a bigger fish or take eagle eye shots to check if your prey is near with Real-time FPV within 800m range. This drone can do almost anything, taking advantage of its features; TapFly, Waypoints, One Key Takeoff / Landing / Return.


Buy IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro Fishing Drone from TOMTOP

IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro is one of the best drones with Waterproof level Float for 3 hours that hits the civil market, sure we make for fishing or using near water, but also can meet another activities requirements. We can buy IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro from TOMTOP at $899.99 duty free shipping by using this coupon code: HYDEAFLY


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