iGPSPORT Waterproof Bike Cycling Cycle Bicycle GPS Offered For Just $33


As the combination of convenience and science beauty, the iGPSPORT Waterproof Bike Cycling Cycle Bicycle GPS is a wonderful companion for any cyclist. The bright auto screen is large for clear data to provide a good view for the cyclist; it is IPX6 waterproof so that you can ride with it on a rainy day. The auto backlight is smart to turn on or off when sunrise or sunset. To monitor your riding fun instantly with this device, to track your speed, distance, calories burnt, etc

The iGPSPORT Waterproof Bike Cycling Cycle Bicycle GPS display speed, average speed, max speed, time, distance, temperature and altitude, trip time, date, etc. in data instantly. With this, you can clearly see that the device would be a very good buy for a cyclist. Whether professional or a normal cyclist, this device would be of great help to you as it would display the speed you are on and help you to be safety conscious.

The device after recording data would automatically upload the data to your computer and then to www.igpsport.com or www.strava.com for analysis. The device automatically bright screen turn on/off when sunrise or sunset. This features would help to conserve the battery of the device It is IPX6 waterproof certified which means all the body of the device is waterproof, and whether it’s rainy or sunny, you can rock you GPS body allows for rainy day riding. The Cycling Cycle Bicycle GPS is Easy to install onto the handlebar with the mount and O-rings provided.

The iGPSPORT Waterproof Bike Cycling Cycle Bicycle GPS comes with a Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and has a working time of 25h. The device is currently available on Wish For just $33. This is a very good price for such a device, so do well to get the product while the price last


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