ILIFE A7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review Comes with Intelligent Sweeper with Double Rolling Brushes


There are a couple of things as every day as family unit errands, however, fortunately, innovation can sporadically swoop in to enable us to out. Vacuuming may appear one of those unremarkable assignments, however, we can now simply thud a little robot onto the floor, press a catch, and leave while it goes on its joyful way. The Ilife A7 vacuum cleaner is one of the best product.


The plan of the iLife A7 takes after what we’ve seen from most robot vacuums – round fit as a fiddle with a couple of catches at the best. In the container, you’ll discover substitution brushes and channels, the docking station, and a remote control. The docking station is very reduced, and just highlights a solitary green light with the goal that the A7 can stop itself when required.

The iLife A7 highlights two turning brushes on either side, which gets into most corners for ideal cleaning. Every one is shading coded so you can accurately supplant either the left or right brush, and they snap on and off decently effortlessly. They work couple to clear flotsam and jetsam into the mouth of the underside suction section and into the dustbin.

There’s solitary one roller underneath, and you can open in either the elastic brush for hard floor materials, or utilize the fiber brush for rugs. On the off chance that you have a mix of the two surfaces, at that point you will need to run the A7 twice and swap the brushes around for the most effective cleaning cycle.

Over the A7 is a little show that demonstrates to you the present cleaning mode, battery level, and time. It additionally shows any blunder messages if the A7 keeps running into issues while cleaning, however you’ll need to get your client manual to disentangle them appropriately.


Similarly as with most robot cleaners, the front highlights a wide bended guard, which tenderly taps against items to enable the A7 to explore around a room. At the back is the removable container, which effortlessly flies out for you to exhaust. There’s lamentably no pointer to reveal to you when precisely the canister is full, however iLife prescribes that you void the receptacle after each cleaning cycle, to guarantee ideal execution. Two-level high recurrence engine for great suction: 500Pa/1000Pa. it has the  Side brushes for cleaning the residue in the holes profoundly with Double moving elastic brushes for substitution and better cleaning impact. There is the Multiple arranged cleaning modes, you can plan it to do the day by day cleaning work with  600ml dustbin for gathering more residue, flotsam and jetsam and pet’s hide

ILife A7 comes with the  Three controlling modes Machine control: press the catch on the robot vacuum body to request the robot to clean. it also gives the  Remote control you can request the robot to begin cleaning with a remote control when you are sitting in front of the TV. you can use the  APP control the most straightforward path for you to request the robot to clean the manner in which you like notwithstanding when you’re far from home  WiFi App control, you can see the continuous utilizing states of the extras and get educated to supplant the frill. It has the 7.6cm thin body enables the robot to effortlessly get into the difficult-to-achieve zones under your furniture.


Finally, you have the remote control, which gives you a chance to begin or interruption a cleaning cycle, alter the suction control, or physically control the ILIFE A7 on the off chance that you need it to give careful consideration to a specific region. you can easily buy this from Gearbest with $389.99


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