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In order to thanks for your kind support, we Igeekphone hold this ILIFE V1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner giveaway for you. You can join the giveaway and win it according to the following rules.

Update: You can check ILIFE V1 Robotic Vacuum cleaner full review from our website.

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5.  Event time: August 28, 2016—September 27, 2016

Winner Price: A ILIFE V1

Others can enjoy the coupon code:    ILIFEV1  to get it at $106.99. Read more about ILIFE V1 here.

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ILIFE V1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Giveaway



  1. Small, powerful, great filtration to prevent asthma, and it stops where it can be found! Hanging out for the email saying congratulations winner, it’s my lucky day!

  2. I love how innovative this robotic vacuum is and it is going to save me time. Plus pain from having to lug out the big vacuum all the time. The HEPA filter is will be so good for my kids and I love that it does not take up a lot of space but that it can get the job done.

  3. I like that it’s compact and vacuums on its own. I love that it’s equipped with a hepa filter too because my oldest son is asthmatic with a bad dust allergy.

  4. Would love to try this out! I have a 4 yr old Rottie that sheds like there’s no tomorrow! I spend so much time sweeping and vacuuming the endless amount of dog hair. I’d LOVE to see this gadget tackle dog hair!

  5. You are awesome! you keep me up to date on all the newest tech toys and let me know which ones are worth it! thanks so much! I was unable to write this up on the contest page for some reason 🙁

  6. The less bending and kneeling that i have to do, the better. This robotic vacuum seems like the ideal solution for my pain and for our white floors!! I cannot keep up on my own. In addition, I think the filter will help alleviate our allergies and sinus troubles Thank you!

  7. I would love to win ILIFE V1 robotic vacuum cleaner. It would relieve stress knowing my floors are clean. I could set whatever schedule I need with this smart vacuum. I like that it recharges itself and has a HEPA filter as well.

  8. Mary Grace Rocafort on

    I would really love to have this in my household. It saves me time. I can fold my laundry while this robotic vacuum does its job. I dont have to keep pulling the cord to unreached areas. This will save my back and knees from bending. No more buying vacuum bag. This is the new generation of cleaning my house. What a great invention.

  9. Jill A. Collins on

    With three pups and a husband who does a lot of yardwork, my floors always need vacuumming. To have a bit of robotic help around the house is a dream come true! This is one maid you would’t have to pay 🙂

  10. Edward Dekkers on

    I think the best feature is it’s Obstacle sensors, both the OBS All Terrain detection system so we can set perimeters, and the general detection systems to avoid collisions. Let’s face it, nobody has a perfectly square house that is bare of furniture and other obstacles so for me being able to avoid said obstacles and set cleaning zones through the use of setting perimeters is a must.

  11. Texaschristina on

    WOW. With four dogs and an injury, I have a hard time doing basic chores. This would help me keep clean floors, looks like it would be a piece of cake. I work for the military medical command, and was the primary caretaker for both of my parents until they died. This would give me some of my time and my life back! Little things can make such a huge difference.

  12. So much convenience brought in my ever stressful and busy days. It’s easy to use, so I can spend more time doing what really matters, spending times with the ones I love!

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