ILIFE V7 Smart Sweeping Robot Home Vacuum Cleaner Review: Offered for just $96.99


The ILIFE V7 intelligent sweeping robot, which is the new generation household vacuum cleaner comes with rechargeable 2600mAh Li-battery, controlled by an advanced intelligent program, with the following sweeping mode: Automatically sweeping, side cleaning, special cleaning, timing cleaning and mopping. Effectively release your physical body, enjoying the wisdom cleaning life. Especially for the person who has lumbar muscle strain and lumbago problems.

GearbestBuy ILIFE V7 Robot Home Vacuum Cleaner at $96.99


It is very similar to the iLife V7S, they simply differ in the range of colors. This model has a dark blue finish. It has a storage tank for dirt that is capable of collecting about 300 ml. This deposit is divided into 3 parts, on the one hand, there is the box made of plastic, the mesh filters: a primary one that is made of plastic and a secondary one that is made of paper.

Remote Control

The remote control is the same as that of other vacuum cleaners. The cleaning button (clean), the four buttons with the drawing of the arrow, the button to choose the cleaning plan that we want to use (plan), the time button to program the vacuum cleaner (clock), the buttons with the mode spot cleaning and edge cleaning and finally the button with the icon of the house that allows to send the vacuum cleaner to the load base.

The battery of the iLife V7

It has a 2600 mAh battery, enabling a range of approximately between 120 and  150 minutes of cleaning. At this time a surface of approximately 220 square meters can be cleaned. To fully charge it will take approximately 2 hours. When the robot has finished the battery, he himself will go to the charging base.


  • The battery of the Chuwi iLife V7 has enough duration, which allows the robot to perform a cleaning of up to 2 hours.
  • The dirt collection tray is quite large (500 ml)
  • The deposit of dirt is easy to empty

Where to buy the iLife V7?

If what you want is a robot vacuum cleaner with good value for money, our recommendation is that you buy it in the Gearbest store where you will find the cheapest price for about $96.99 using our link below.

GearbestBuy ILIFE V7 Robot Home Vacuum Cleaner at $96.99

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