iMars F80 1080P HD Sport Camera| With 140 Wide Angle| Design, Features Review


iMars F80 1080P HD Sports Camera is As modern people living in the contemporary world, we know that we live in a highly technologized environment and we also know how to make the best out of it. Life is all about capturing moments, therefore we need the right means to do so Speaking of ”the right means”, an action camera is just what you’re looking for in order to capture and retain memories.


The quality of the iMars F80 1080P HD Sport Camera is indisputable and its price is more than accesible. It has all the features that would confer it the status of a high quality product a great image and video resolution, a good design, lens quality, proper lighting, it is water resistant and supports WiFi connection. You should hurry up and pre-order it while it is still available and use it to create unforgettable experiences. iMars F80 1080P HD Sport Camera has a 2-inch screen display and an impressive 1080P resolution. The design is pleasing to the eye. Moreover, it is a handy device, easy to carry around and if you’re on a driving mode, it can be used as a car DVR recorder. This the iMars F80 1080P HD Sport Camera boasts quite a few selling points. It has a simple yet aesthetically pleasing design, a luxurious, opaque black color. It is extremely lightweight. Aside from its design, it has a very accessible price.


With a 1080P resolution and a video resolution with 140 wide Angle footage, it will capture dynamic smoothly, creating vivid and realistic images. This model guarantees high-definition videos and images that will capture reality in all it’s breathtaking beauty. The case could normally keep the camera in a sealed space, Suitable for water aquatics & underwater activities100 Feet/30 Meter, Take it to capture your unforgettable moment. You could control it and share your pictures &video on your social application such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram via APP Android system or IOS of Mobile phone or tablet. This model has a removable battery type and a battery capacity of 900mAh. It can be charged by plugging the USB cable into a PC device and it’s charging time is 3 hours. It has a standby time of 80 hours and its working time is 60 minutes. It is important that it’s charged on time so that is has an optimal operational mode.

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Where To Sho

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