iMar Pano360 Pro Action Camera Ultra HD 4K Beautiful Design Easy to Use Review by @BANGGOOD


Many camera actions are chosen because of its practicality, as well as its ability to capture the moment with a more extreme than a smartphone.We are talking about iMars™ Pano360 Pro Action Camera so let’s details.

This time, the iMars™ Pano360 Pro Action Camera that somewhat different because it has two lenses are mutually ridden, so it has the ability to record 360-degree video.

Easy To Use
Comes with remote controla very practical use, iMars ™ Pano360 Pro Action Camera is very easy to use. After you turn it on by pressing and holding the power button, you can press the power button again to select the recording mode.

In total there are four modes to choose from: 4 MP photos, 960p video 30 fps, 2K 25 fps video, and last 4K 15 fps video. After that just press, the shutter button in the middle and largest, press once again to stop the video recording. As simple as that.

For the storage business, there is a micro-SD slot on the bottom of this camera. It is advisable to use micro-SD which has high data transfer rate. A port micro-USB for charging is on the opposite side. Both have no cover, so it can be ascertained this camera is not waterproof.Yes just use the remote controljust now. Click-click-click, so deh 360 videos that the results are already in mp4 format and stay uploaded to YouTube. But be patient, it takes several hours to process this video until finally can be displayed using 360 video player.

With Smartphone
For Android smartphone users, you may not be able to optimize the use of this camera due to the unavailability of supporting applications provided. Currently, there is only for iOS only, so the live preview can only be done on iPhone only. Too bad, even though the camera already has wi-fi connectivity.

One thing that is quite unfortunate is the use of battery capacity of 1200 mAh in this camera. Durability is short enough, maybe about two hours of use only if it is tied. Usually, action camera users get around this with the use of backup batteries, well this is the type of planting batteries. So, yes deh. Using power bank might be a solution, though not very practical.

Video with a 360-degree angle of recording like this feels unique yes. But for me not only unique, the resulting video has more value because we can see the various directions around the place recorded. Try to imagine you saw the video a few years ago, then can also be rotated to various angles to see what is in place at that time. It seems to add the value of memories stored yes.

If you are sure, you can buy,iMars™ Pano360 Pro Action Camera you can pre-order at BANGGOOD in just $93.99 using our coupon code DONCU7.if you are looking Ultra HD action Camera I highly recommand to this.


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