iMortor 2.0 Smart Electric Bicycle Wheel Review: a Brushless Motor Intelligence Wheel with Battery Digital Display Speed Shifter For Just $329.99 at Banggood


Convert your traditional bicycle into a powerful electric bike in a minute with iMortor 2.0 smart electric front bicycle wheel, It’s designed to replace your 26-inch wheel for longer mileage and faster speed. Powered by a 240W motor, it can achieve up to max 50km mileage at moped mode. And with the help of App, your cycling journey will be more wonderful than you ever expect.


The iMortor electric wheel kit is developed on our own, all-in-one conversion kit including motor, controller, battery, wheel and some parts. Bafang mid drive motor kit is available from 250W to 1000W, and we have also Hailong down tube battery pack, with Samsung, LG, Sanyo, or domestic cells, from 10.4AH to 21AH. Kinds of the bike such as mountain bike, city bike, folding bike and fat tire bike, are available, here with 6061 aluminum alloy frame. The advantage of the iMortor smart electric wheel is its simple and fast installation, which can be handled by every cyclist with minimal technical knowledge and skill. In a few minutes, you can turn your traditional bike into a powerful e-bike that will make you happy every time you ride on your new bike.


With the iMortor smart electric bicycle wheel, you get more power, and the speed that moves when the battery is fully charged, due to the terrain, reaches a speed of almost 30 km / h. Your new e-bike will be powered by a fast electromagnetic engine with a power output of up to 240 W. Your new e-bike can be upgraded to almost 50 km for a moped drive. iMortor smart electric bicycle wheel uses an application that enhances the driving experience of a restored traditional bike. Apply to all hydraulic mechanical braking system, and automatic detection of deceleration, intelligent intervention of electronic brake. The battery charges your phone with its built-in USB port. The battery is easily detachable for charging your phone and for being charged. Patent pending 3 in 1 driving wheel. Your bike transforms to smart E-bike in 1 minute after initial setup. Motor, battery and control system, all come in one wheel.


This smart bicycle wheel is suitable for any 26-inch mountain bike road bike and leisure bike. Just replace your existing front wheel and experience your bike in a whole new way! Currently, we can buy iMortor 2.0 smart electric front bicycle wheel from Banggood at $329.99 For 60Pcs Limited


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