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Under the Imou brand, the company offers a line of network recorders, IP cameras, alarm devices and smart locks. Recently, Dahua decided to open a new direction and released a completely new product for itself – Imou Vacuum Cleaner, a robotic vacuum cleaner.

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The Imou Vacuum Cleaner has a high autonomy. The vacuum cleaner remembers the location of its base on the map of the premises and returns to it if it is necessary to recharge the batteries or unload the hopper with the collected garbage on its own. The waste container of the base has a volume of 3 liters and can be filled for a long time without requiring attention.

The suction power of 2700 pascal allows you to clean carpets well from animal hair and dust. In this case, the power adapts depending on the type of surface to be cleaned. In addition, it also supports wet cleaning. The water consumption is selected depending on the parameters of the room specified by the user.

For orientation in space and building a map of the premises, lidar is used, located on the top of the device. It makes 6 revolutions per second and checks 2016 points in one revolution. The range of the lidar reaches 8 meters, which helps to literally cover the entire room at once.

Special algorithms for calculating the optimal trajectory of movement do not allow you to miss a single section of the floor. Imou Vacuum goes around toys and things scattered on the floor, which is a serious problem for many similar devices. It is able to overcome thresholds up to 2 cm high due to high wheels.

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Affordable Price

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Buy Imou Vacuum Cleaner on Aliexpress


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