Infocus S1 Blue Whale TencentOS 2.0 Phone Review


Infocus has not been heard for many people, but it has solid technical foundation in digital and projection aspect for 30 years. Recently, inFocus has released Infocus S1 Blue Whale Tencent 2.0 OS smartphone. So how is this smartphone?



Infocus S1 has white package with Infocus logo which is the simplest one i have ever seen. Due to the competitive price, infocus would like to show more power in its hardware. In the box, there is a power adapter, a pin, a USB cable, warranty card, and user manual. The uses can use this original power adapter to charge the phone.



We can see the three-step design in the back, and the middle section of aircraft aluminum magnesium alloy material, By stereoscopic sandblasting processing technology, the design and gripping holding have been improved, easy to keep it clean and make the metal material higher level. The camera, LED light, fingerprint ID lines up on the back. The fingerprint ID edge uses CNC processing. There is MIC for reducing noise below the camera.


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It has 153.5×7.9×76.1mm dimension, 152g weight, which is very slim and thin for most 5.5inch FHD IPS screen smartphones. On the right, it is power button and volume button which is used to many people and gives us the solid and stable feeling when pressing the buttons. In the top is the 3.5mm earphone jack. At the bottom is the microphone, speaker, and USB port. It has one card slot on the left which is the combination of Nano SIMI card and TF card slot. Meanwhile, Infocus S1 supports up to 128G expansion. So we don’t have to worry the storage problem to play games or other applications. The front uses the white panel, which is very smooth to touch and the ultra thin bezel increased the body to screen ration of Infocus S1. There are three virtual buttons under the screen.






Infocus S1 adopts Tencent 2.0 OS with plain UI style. The design and color of icon seems softer. The running apps are shown clearly in the phone, the brightness, bluetooth, wifi and other function can quickly realize. Meanwhile, Tencent OS 2.0 also supports clearing the running apps in one key. TencentOS 2.0 doesn’t increase the third-party apps, We can download hot games and other softwares in its own application store full of many resource. Meanwhile, TencentOS 2.0 adds some practical functions, such as supporting memos for pictures and voice recording, showing weather dynamically and eye protection mode, etc. Compared with Tencent OS 1.0, the new OS has increased in many fucntions.



For those loving taking pictures, TencentOS 2.0 new UI can let you use it quickly, it has beautification, night mode, panorama mode, HDR and the extra 8 kinds of filters. The color of picture are is quite clear and natural. It has 13MP back camera to meet our daily use, and supports PDAF 0.2s focus. It also has focus locking function.

As for front camera, its auto focus speed can be acceptable, it has 8MP front camera for taking selfies and it carries night shooting mode to provide us proper light and pictures optimization.


Here are some samples:


Infocus S1 is a netcom smartphone with nice metal body to keep the signal receiver. Under the normal signal, the calling quality is quite stable, so does the wifi connect with bluetooth.

Antutu Test


We have tested Infocus Blue whale S1 antutu score, it shows 33,223 scores. Combined with the price, it seems very good, we have chosen the common games to test, it performs fluently. As for software test, we choose to watch tv, play music, etc. There is no stuck problem. Using the large 5.5inch screen to watch tv brings better experience. And switching App can response fast.

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For a 5.5inch smartphone, 2900mAh battery makes us feel worried about its battery life. Considering Helio P10 processor and TencentOS 2.0, so Infocus selects 2900mAh battery for Infocus S1. It can be used in 2 day for one time charging for daily use. You have to charge once a day for heavy use. As for standby, it can support one week. In addition, Infocus S1 supports quick charge. So for a budget phone, it has obvious advantages.




From the design, UI to daily use, we can feel impressive for Infocus S1 smartphone, especially TencentOS 2.0,and its camera also brings us amazing picture quality. It also provided rich APPs in its app store for your wide choices. Now Infocus S1 starts to sell officially. If you are interested in it, why not have a try?


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