INMOTION P2 Folding Electric Bike: Smart Bicycle, For Just $759 On Flash Sale


The latest and greatest take on the classic folding bike, the INMOTION P2 Folding Electric Bike shows that an e-bike can be both fun and practical at the same time. With a range of upgraded features that have been specifically designed to make the InMotion P2 Mini Compact electric bike better than ever before, this compact folding e-bike is sure to impress both amateur and experienced e-bike riders.

With advanced components and clever engineering, the INMOTION P2 Folding Electric Bike can travel a respectable 19 miles on a single battery charge; but, with the engagement of Pedal Assist, this range increases exponentially to a huge 43 miles. The Pedal Assist program (PAS) enables riders to choose exactly how much input they receive from the electric motor on the InMotion P2 Mini e-bike.

When set to ‘Power Mode’, the engine will take over all forward propulsion, so you won’t need to pedal at all. But to increase your range or to combine the convenience of an electric bicycle with the exercise of a standard bicycle, the ‘Assist Mode’ allows you to pedal, while offering backup support from the electric motor. But just in case the battery goes flat (or you really feel like working up a sweat), you can also select ‘Physical Mode’ and ride the InMotion P2 Mini Compact just like you would a standard pedal-powered bicycle.

To improve rider safety when traveling on the INMOTION P2 Folding Electric Bike, it has been fitted with dual disc brakes for optimal braking performance. Additionally, the P2 Mini includes an enhanced dual headlight (800lux), plus a red LED brake light that will automatically light up whenever the brakes are engaged.

The 350 watt motor is supported by a high performance lithium battery with LG 18650 cells. This long-lasting battery has an in-built BMS (Battery Management System) that includes protection against over-discharge, short-circuiting and overproduction of either voltage or current. This power duo enables the InMotion Mini Compact P2 to successfully ascend a 12° slope, with a maximum speed of 19 miles per hour achievable when traveling over flat terrain.

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