Innokin Innobar V3 Vape VS Innokin Endura Apex Vape Comparison Review


Innobar V3 Vape 6000 puffs of cutting-edge water-based vaping in a compact, battery-powered gadget. Consistent performance, incredible flavors, and smoother vapor Let’s look at it again. Also, Innokin Endura Apex kit, promises a lot of autonomy. The laconic mod has two modes of operation, a built-in 1800 mAh battery, and a tank that doesn’t need to be changed.

Innobar V3 Vape VS Endura Apex


If we talk about the design of the Innobar V3 Vape, it has a small size and 6000 puffs. It has a small size, and the INNOBAR V3 comes with Aquios’ water-based vaping technology. This provides smoother vapor, quicker satisfaction, and incredible flavor clarity. a one-of-a-kind vaping experience. Additionally, it makes use of the INNOBAR V3, which can hold a staggering 15 milliliters of e-liquid—enough for 6000 puffs! Each INNOBAR V3 device will be used by the majority of vapers for a whole week.

Innokin Endura Apex has a traditional pipe mode, a built-in battery, and relatively small dimensions. The range of varieties was gathered from six choices. A square activation button with a color indicator all around the perimeter was provided on the front side, which was marked with a logo in contrast. With a diameter of 22 mm and a standard 510 connector, the landing pad was provided. At the last, a ribbed change wheel with two-variety backdrop illumination and a charging port was put.

Innobar V3 Vape VS Endura Apex


Innobar V3 Vape’s advanced mesh coil design produces maximum flavor and vapor while maximizing battery life and time between charges in a compact size with 6000 puffs of features. Additionally, the INNOBAR V3 uses 3.6V steady output, giving you a dependable vaping experience from the first puff. Since this is the ideal time to recharge, The high-quality 650mAh internal battery and optimized power output ensure all-day performance. You’ve never tasted a flavor with more depth and clarity than our water-based flavors. Whether you want a creamy Vanilla Custard or a robust Pineapple Lychee, the INNOBAR V3 has you covered.

Innobar V3 Vape VS Endura Apex

The battery in the Innokin Endura Apex kit guarantees a significant amount of autonomy for all vapers thanks to the all-new Zlide Top Tank Features. Innokin Coolfire Z60 Review: A Vape Kit with Cutting-Edge Technology The Endura Apex tube has a high-end satin finish, and in addition to offering adjustable power, it can also boast of being rechargeable via USB-C. The Endura Apex Clearomiser offers a close-to-perfect MTL pull or a more airy vape thanks to its adjustable airflow. Innokin continues to provide adaptable products at an unbeatable value for money! The clear omiser of the Endura Summit pack accompanies another opposition: the 0.90-ohm Prism S Mesh.

Innobar V3 Vape VS Endura Apex


Innobar V3 Vape is one of the best vapes because of its small size and 6000 puffs. Additionally, it has excellent features. You’ll get about 6000 puffs out of it. So, why are you still waiting?  Endura Apex kit is the ultimate e-cigarette. The Endura Apex electronic cigarette is user-friendly and suitable for both novice and seasoned vapers; who want to focus on having fun.  This is easily available from innokin officials.


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