Inspired By iPhone X, UMIDIGI Z2 / Z2 Pro Design Is Highlighted In New Photos


The latest smartphones launched by UMIDIGI, the Z2, and Z2 Pro, drew a lot of attention with its designs inspired by the iPhone X. Until then, we had only seen images of 3D renderings and prototypes, however, the manufacturer just released some photos of the duo, to further increase the interest of the audience. The images aim to capture all the beauty of the design, both in the front and the back (which, by the way, has a nice effect when placed against the light).

It may be tough to judge the build quality from the photograph, but in this case, it is shown that someone should expect when they will receive them. The finish appearance impressive and reveals the effort on behalf of UMIDIGI to raise the bar when it comes to build quality.

Most devices from small manufacturers have a superb specification for their price, but the build quality and small details – that’s what makes the difference in most cases. And, it seems, this time UMIDIGI nailed it.

The products may be great options for those who want something borderless like Apple without having to pay too much. Umidigi Z2 Pro will hit the stores in a month, with no price revealed; Z2 will soon win a sales event, where it can be purchased at a promotional price of $247. As always, we’ll wait to get real info to draw a conclusion regarding what you see in the photos. you’ll learn more about both devices Here,


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