Insta360 Air Review – An amazing 3K Mini Panoramic Camera w/ Dual Lens ready to use (with real images, video and coupon to get)


Since the winter is in its end, I started searching for a 360 camera that I could use either as standalone or with my mobile. It would be great to have the ability to take panoramic shots and video. After searching a lot around the e-shops, I found what I was searching for at Gearbest, a very good e-shop that is trustful, with very good prices! My search ended on the Insta360 Air, a really amazing 3K Mini Panoramic Camera w/ Dual Lens.

The camera came to me with Bpost, as this way and DPD are the only ways to get your order from Gearbest without paying any customs! The order came to me really fast and of course as always well protected. What I received was a tiny box, which inside I was about to find the 360 camera I ordered!

As you can see the camera came to me with this white box, a really nice luxurious box, that inside you could find all that I need it. On the front side of the box we could see an image of the Insta360 Air and on the back we could find the QR code that we need to scan in order to download the app that works with the camera. On the one side we could find some extra info about the specs of the camera.

Opening the box, inside we will find the Insta360 Air camera, a Quickstart Guide written in many languages, a silicone case which inside it lies the camera, a tool needle and a lens cloth with the logo of the camera. The silicone case is made in a such way to completely protect the camera from hits and falls, embracing it.

The Insta360 Air is the perfect gadget that will turn your mobile in a 360-degree VR camera. With the use of the insta360 app, you can have the option to preview on your screen of your smartphone what the camera sees and capture it in photos or video. At the same time, you have the ability to share with the whole world your experience that you live in the moment and upload it on a variety of popular platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, etc. With this camera if you are in a festival, celebration or just traveling, you can capture any angle of the place and keep it for ever. IF you have a VR headset, you can use it and relive your best experiences in immersive 360, or explore your creations straight on your smartphone screen.

Insta360 Air camera can connect directly with your mobile, using the Micro-USB port that you have. So if you have a smartphone that has a type-C port, will need to get the version with the Type-C plug that you can find in the same page. In order to work correctly with the camera, you must download and install the app needed. For this I scanned the QR code found on the back of the box and showed me that I must download an app from Google Playstore. The app is called insta360.

After downloading, you are almost ready to use the camera. All you have to do is run through the settings to know that everything is as you want to (the app has several options as watermark, time limit, etc). After that all you have to do is connect your camera with your mobile and you are ready to use it. Running the app, it gave me the feeling of a really 360 view, as if you watch and the video that I made outside, you can see everything around you, by just turning the angle view of the camera on the screen of your mobile. The image was really very clear. The camera can save video in mp4 format and in 3008 x 1504 at 30FPS  or images in jpg in 2560 x 1280 resolution. Equipped with dual fish-eye lens, which are with 210-degree ultra wide angle, you can miss nothing. The camera is really tiny as its dimensions are 3.76 x 3.76 x 3.95 cm and weights only 27g!

As you can see and in the photos above, in the upper part you see me only and what is right behind me and in the lower part of the screen, you have a 360 view around me. In the video following, you can see me playing the the angle view on my mobile screen, having the ability to see everything around me in the upper part of the screen. Watch the video and you will understand.

If you are searching for a small, easy to use and with very good lens 360 camera, the Insta360 Air Camera is the one you must get. You can get it from Gearbest as I did and use the coupon:  GBCE in order to get it at a lower price and for just $85.43!


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