Insta360 Go Review: 1080P Panoramic Sports Action Camera For Just $199.99 at TOMTOP with Duty-Free Shipping (+Coupon)


The Insta360 GO is a miniature action camera for everyday applications anywhere, anytime. Between the different mounting accessories supplied with it, including a magnetic pendant, the camera can be attached to virtually anywhere. You can wear it around your neck, use it clipped to your collar, clip it onto your skateboard, attach it to your dashboard, and much more.

Buy Insta360 Go Panoramic Sports Action Camera from TOMTOP


Insta360 GO is an extremely compact device, slightly larger than the average thumbnail plate, and weighing less than 20 grams. The miniature size allows the camcorder to be installed in many places where a standard sports camera, though still small, could turn out to be too big. The manufacturer encourages wearing it, for example, on a hat, headband, sweater or in the form of a necklace, which we also get included. The Insta360 Go can be worn in many different ways. There is a clip that can attach to clothes and can be worn like a pendant. Or you can use its magnetic body to attach it to metal surfaces. Insta360 GO is IPX4 water-resistant. It can handle rain, splashes, and even a quick dunk. But it is not designed for prolonged submersion or underwater shooting.


The Insta360 Go Panoramic Sports Action Camera main shooting mode can only record footage in 15 or 30-second clips. However, it’s possible Insta360 never intended to make a professional sports camera. While it could just be hardware limitations, it could also be that Insta360 is looking to make a camera that captures short clips of life throughout the day. We don’t know which one applies. The fisheye camera can record 1080p/25fps footage at the touch of a button. Once the video is shot, it is cropped digitally by Insta360’s algorithm to stabilize the image. We have to see though how well this method of stabilizing works in low-light situations.

In terms of storage, the Insta360 Go offers 8GB of internal storage. That’s about 200 of the 30-second clips. To transfer the files, the Go connects to its charging case and that can be plugged into an iPhone. (There will be an Android version coming sometime in the future. Once plugged in, you can go to its companion app. From there, you can move video files into your phone. When it comes to portable sports cameras, you have to talk about battery life. The battery for the Go lasts about 220 minutes. So that is a little under 4 hours. The charging case does, however, carry about two and a half charges in it. So that should boost battery life.


Buy Insta360 Go Panoramic Sports Action Camera from TOMTOP

Insta360 Go Panoramic Sports Action Camera is an action camera designed for people who like capturing content in daily life worth sharing, who likes travel, sports, fitness, photo/video/filmmaking, social media, etc. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $199.99 by using Coupon Code: HYDGVCA with Duty-Free Shipping


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