iPad Mini 5 Exposure: Upgrade Screen, Releasing This Year!


The iPad was a very popular product in the era of Jobs, but now the iPad is already a dispensable state in our daily life. The main reason is the rise of the big screen mobile phone, the demand that the iPad can provide. They have all been replaced by mobile phones. Although many people say that the tablet will directly say the iPad, Apple has already occupied more than 98% of the market in this market, because most Android manufacturers have given up this product, even if some manufacturers have updated the tablet for the market. The impact is not big, because the tablet competition is an ecological problem, Android is not able to compete with iOS, lost from the root, and no one will be equipped with the flagship processor on the Android tablet, are equipped with The only reason for the processor is that the price is lower than that of Apple. When Apple introduced the cheap version of the iPad last year, the price advantage of Android was ended! So the iPad accounts for at least 98% of the tablet market!

However, the sales of iPad still have not increased, but there is a downward trend. Many people think that the tablet is destined to disappear into our daily life, but Apple does not think so, so the iPad Pro was born. The competing product is a thin and light notebook. It can be seen that Apple is trying to save everyone’s demand for the tablet. Apple uses the AX series processor to add office scenes to the Pro version, but because it is equipped with an iOS system, for the office, the mobile operation The system is obviously not impossible to complete, so the positioning of the iPad Pro is rather embarrassing. The key point is that the price is very expensive, which is enough for you to start a good Windows notebook. If it is not the dead loyalty powder of the Apple ecosystem or the people with special needs, it is not at all. This equipment will be started because this equipment can not let you do the daily work alone, still, need a computer and other equipment to support. And because of the iOS ecological closed relationship, if the computer is not Apple, it is also very troublesome in data processing. These are the reasons why the iPad Pro can’t be mainstream. Of course, the price is a very important factor.

Apple has not given up on the iPad product line. According to Bloomberg News, Apple is ready for this year’s new product release, including the 9.7-inch iPad and iPad mini5, both of which will be cheaper. The 9.7-inch iPad screen was upgraded to 10 inches. The processor model is temporarily unknown, using the Lightning interface, which also proves that the price of this tablet is not too high. iPad Pro5 this product will have a big update, Apple’s pricing will be more cautious in the future, iPhone XS series is due to pricing problems, cold, as the main product encountered such a thing, the impact on Apple is very large, Cook overestimated Domestic users, think that the current domestic market is still before the brain to start Apple, there are already many manufacturers in the domestic market have the ability to fight with Apple, of course, not at the same price.

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The price of the iPad is not bound to be high, because the main consumption of the iPad is the student party. It is true that the iPad has a unique advantage in the notes. This is precisely the need for the students to attend classes. The education was also proposed when Apple released the iPad 2018 last year. The iPad’s goal is not the public’s user. The low-cost target is the student, and the iPad Pro’s goal is the positioning of the elite, but due to price constraints, the new iPad may not be much better, more is Some of the flagship technology decentralized, such as last year, put the support stylus down to the cheap version of the iPad. So the new product should not be much different from the current iPad.

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