iPad Mini 7 Specs: Finally Upgrade to 120Hz High Refresh Screen


The price of the iPad mini in the iPad product line is not the cheapest, and the configuration is not the most basic. The iPad mini 6 released last year is known as the A15 small steel cannon. Because of its excellent performance and lightweight body, it has even become the recommended choice for some iOS dual-gun or Android/iOS dual-machine users. Although the screen of the entire iPad product line is getting bigger and bigger, and the iPad Pro is even conspiring to 14.1 inches, the small iPad mini 7 will continue to be updated.

The most significant upgrade of the iPad mini 7 will be a 120Hz refresh rate display, after all, 60Hz has been used for 6 generations. However, the screen size is still 8.3 inches full screen.

In terms of other parameters, the processor adopts 4nm A16, whether it is still the “Youth Edition” is unknown, and the memory is upgraded to 6GB or 8GB LPDDR5. Slightly frustrating, the iPad mini 6 won’t launch this year, but not until next spring at the earliest.

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