IPEGA PG-9067 Bluetooth Game Controller for Android For Just $23.99 & Wireless Gamepad for PS3 For Just $9.99 at CooliCool


This IPEGA PG-9067 Game Controller features Bluetooth 3.0 technology, support playing games on Bluetooth enabled Android 3.2 above tablet /smartphone. Ergonomic streamlining and comfortable handhold feeling. Built-in rechargeable Li-battery can play about 20 hours continuously after fully charged and this Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad for PS3 controller is perfect for playing racing, sports and action games on your PS3 game console.

Buy IPEGA PG-9067 Bluetooth Game Controller for Android at $23.99

Buy Wireless Gamepad for PS3 at $9.99

IPEGA PG-9067 Game Controller has a beautiful and luxurious design, more satisfy hands, stylish and silky smooth touch. anti-skid, comfortable and portable, will allow you to enjoy great fun for gaming. Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless transmission, Enabled Bluetooth for 6-8 m range, reliable wireless connection. pair wires from your iOS / Android smartphone using Bluetooth technology. A powerful transmitter instantly transmits commands to your device without delay.

Dealing with the most simple act / stg / ftg / RPG / avg / SLG / casual games. for iPhone, Ipad, Samsung, HTC, LG Android Tablet PC, Android 3.2 iOS7.0 or higher. Bluetooth enabled for 0-8m range, reliable wireless connection. Pairs wirelessly with your iOS/Android smartphone via Bluetooth technology. The powerful transmitter instantly sends commands to your device without delay.

When the controller is a low battery condition, the charge indicator starts blinking, please accessing the controller to a 5V power supply for charging ( PC device or mobile phone power adapter ). A process of charging, the charge indicator of the handle is Orange and keep long bright, saturated power LED goes.

Lock arm attaches your smartphone directly to the controller with the perfect view angle. Since the connection is wireless, you can enjoy gaming without having to hold your device. Precision control: Portable controller delivers precise responsive control, dual clickable analog sticks, shoulder buttons and triggers, four actions LED buttons, a directional pad, and L1/R1 shoulder and built-in Hall-sensor L2/R2 trigger buttons to deliver greater precision than your mobile device’s touchscreen.

IPEGA PG-9067 Game Controller work with emulators without rooting, work with any emulator that supports keyboard mapping, FC simulator, GBA emulator, emulator of gaming machines, SFC simulator, N64 emulator, etc. under the Android system, It supports the vast majority of games and the game simulator 100 + stunning games compatible with this controller.

IPEGA PG-9067 Dark Knight wireless controller is user-friendly and highly intuitive. This iPega Bluetooth gamepad has a compact, light build. The IPEGA PG-9067 Dark Knight Wireless Bluetooth Controller lets you experience an irreplaceable thrill and joy of playing games. We can buy IPEGA PG-9067 Game Controller from Coolicool at $23.99 and this Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad for PS3 For Just $9.99

Buy IPEGA PG-9067 Bluetooth Game Controller for Android at $23.99

Buy Wireless Gamepad for PS3 at $9.99


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