iPhone 11 Concept Appear With 100% Full Screen Design + A12 Processor + 5G Network


Since the release of iPhone X has been around for half a year, we believe that many of the other mobile phone makers have already used the iPhone X’s Notch design. Notch is innovative and has been squandered by many users for the mobile phone market. Many people expressed disappointment with the appearance of this iPhone X. Today we present an iPhone 11 concept that will open the door of a full-screen era, I do not know the use of Notch design, which makes expressed their expectation of the arrival of this iPhone 11.

Appearance, iPhone 11 will use a true 100% comprehensive screen design, basically no side borders, no bangs, however, this screen is still a “gap”, is the two tiny holes reserved for the earpiece, estimated It is a new design method that uses the bone conduction earpiece under the upper screen. At the same time, the iPhone 11 body uses a full glass body design, LOGO uses a luminescent design, and other mobile phone manufacturers are different, domestic mobile phone manufacturers generally use a more beautiful color, and Apple uses a more radical approach.

In terms of camera, this iPhone 11 first time uses a 7MP camera, super wide-angle F/2.2. It also uses 3D face recognition to increase retina recognition, which means it can improve defects and deficiencies by 30%. The rear camera is equipped with a 12MP dual camera that supports 4K video recording.

Configuration, the new iPhone 11 will use the new A12 chip processor coupled with 4GB RAM at the same time, equipped with 3000mAh large battery, support wireless charging, support IP68 waterproof and dustproof and the picture the texture is very clear. More importantly, Apple’s iPhone 11 will support 5G networks.

If the iPhone X just maintains its lead, then the iPhone 11 will further expand its advantage. The recently exposed iPhone 11 geek bench score shows that the single-core score reaches 4600 points, which is twice the current Android flagship, and the multi-core points have reached 10000 points. The geekbench performance can be said to be very powerful.

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