iPhone 9c Concept: This Comprehensive Screen Is Impeccable


The peoples are all focused on the new iPhone X, which will be released two months later. Today, let’s shift our attention and give everyone an “explosive” concept phone called iPhone 9c. The iPhone 9c was created by designer Michael Muleba, looking at the value, very amazing, without bangs, no chin is the ideal full-screen design, and also uses curved screen design.

It may seem a bit confusing, but in fact, such a design can be achieved with current technology. For example, it mimics the sliding lens design of OPPO Find X at the top. The “no chin” follows the COP screen packaging technology of iPhone X. The “surface” is very familiar. It almost ruins on Samsung’s S series and Note series models. So it can be understood that this is a combination of OPPO Find X + iPhone X and Samsung S9.

The concept map shows that this mobile phone screen has a very high proportion, with a visual inspection of 98%. The design of the hyperboloid also makes the phone look thinner and lighter.

Fortunately, the “Pop-Up camera” that has been criticized by the designer on the iPhone has been solved on this iPhone 9c. Thanks to its sliding system design, the front, and rear cameras are hidden and the back cover becomes more Simple.

In order to meet the demand of some people “loading”, the designer also specifically zoomed in on Apple’s logo. If the red model is selected, the level of the game will be further improved.

As can be seen from some details, this concept not only does not have a 3.5mm interface, even the Lightning interface is removed, and because the side is thin, the SIM card slot is also transferred to the bottom of the fuselage.

The previous concept map looks like this concept machine uses the design of the front glass + aluminum alloy back cover, but it can be confirmed from the following picture, the back cover is also made of glass material, I think it should be designed to meet the design requirements of wireless charging.

Well, “obscenity” is finished, this design is very ideal and amazing, but remind everyone that the above is just a concept map of iPhone 9c created by the designer “self-made”, pay attention, not a leak map! Whether Apple will adopt such a design in the future, look forward to it.

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