iPhone 11 Real Phone Disassembled: Getting a Surprising Difference


Well-known media person recently released a set of real-life out-of-box contents suspected of iPhone 11. The two iPhone 11s prepared this time are two versions of 512GB and 256GB respectively. From the appearance point of view, the pattern on the box of iPhone 11 and The packaging of the iPhoneXS series is not much different. Previously, the iPhone XS in foreign countries caused a dispute because Notch deliberately used the black screensaver, which caused the dispute, and the packaging continued.

After the iPhone 11’s packaging is unpacked, the internal manual warranty card and other content are available. Like the traditional iPhone XS packaging, the charger plug and headphones are included inside. However, the body packaging of the iPhone 11 is very interesting, it is a package of foam, and before the iPhone XS is a package of transparent plastic.

iPhone 11 this body is the color of the pink gold appearance and the color of the iPhone XS body, the most eye-catching should be the rear camera of the Yuba appearance on the back of the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11’s Yuba rear camera adopts the Founder’s design. The number of lenses in this part is three. The three rear cameras are arranged in an equilateral triangle, and the flash is designed in the lens module. In the upper right corner.

The position of the SIM card on the side of the iPhone 11 is basically similar to that of the iPhoneXS, and there is not much difference in position. In addition, the antenna on the metal frame, the location of the iPhone 11 and the location of the iPhoneXS are also very close, but the width and depth of the antenna position of the iPhone 11 seem to be larger. If you put iPhone11 and iPhoneXS together for comparison, you can see the very obvious difference between iPhone11 and iPhoneXS.

In operation, there is no difference between the iPhone 11 and the traditional iPhoneXS operation. The iPhone 11 retains Liu Haiping on the front and supports gesture control, but one very interesting point is that the iPhone 11 has a wider chin. The chin width of the iPhone11 is much wider than the chin width of the traditional iPhoneXS. Although it does not affect the use, it is very weird in appearance.

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The foreign media finally dismantled the iPhone 11 and found that the internal structure is somewhat similar to the traditional iPhoneXS, but it is not exactly the same. The internal structure of the iPhone11 does not seem to come from Apple’s hand. This means that the iPhone 11 is probably a cottage phone, but it is designed and assembled according to relevant information from outside media. But if the iPhone 11 is really designed and sold according to this look, would you support and buy it?

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